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  1. Nice! What are you using to support your top monitor?

  2. Interesting setup! I like your setup. What's your chair? It seems quite comfortable 🤩

  3. Nothin fancy, but it is comfortable I think. HON VL702 Mesh High-Back Work Chair. It was $198 when I bought it. It's way more expensive now. $328 on Amazon😬.

  4. Will move to Texas, restart business, and still vote blue.

  5. "Here's your drone back. Thanks for letting me give it a go."

  6. A mural in the indention of Aslan and Cair Paravel as if it's the entrance to Narnia.

  7. Verticalmountmasterrace. The far superior way to mount a GPU.

  8. You could put the pc below the desk so you have more space

  9. That violates a cardinal rule of a battlestation...PC on the floor.

  10. You seem like the type of person who has 20 bumperstickers on the back of their car.

  11. Get a shower drain snake...Two houses all shower drains full of hair. 🤮

  12. Crate train right away. Keep kids out of the crate. He should be the only one that gets inside of it. Make it his safe space and never place him inside of it as punishment. Just when you are leaving him by himself. He'll probably bark and howl the first few times but crate him whenever you leave him alone. He'll eventually just sleep and then when he's older and you feel okay leaving him out while he's alone, he'll just sleep instead of destroy your house. At least that's been my experience. YMMV

  13. I've never seen one with a yellow tongue. 😀

  14. I used to live in a large complex of apartments and I told them I was moving out due to buying a house and they started looking for a new tenant right away. I had about 3 months left on my lease and because they were able to fill the vacancy by the time I moved out they didn't charge me anything as well as they gave me back my security deposit. Your best bet is to notify them immediately so they might be able to do the same and give them enough time to do so. iirc they asked to see the house contract to verify i was in fact under contract to buy a house. Hope this helps!

  15. Chik-Fil-A and cake frosting. Part of a balanced diet. Edit: and watching a movie on the smallest screen.

  16. Came here to say this. Focus on one issue at a time and find more budget-friendly ways to solve it. Rather than new windows, consider getting some relatively mature trees and a fence that will help dampen noise. DIY stuff where you can, and make it into a home you can be comfortable in.

  17. This. Don’t try to eat the entire elephant at once. Get your water issue sorted first. Then your floors.

  18. This report sucks. My report was like 20 pages long with details of every little thing along with pictures and a follow up with solutions to fix. This looks like it was done in an hour

  19. Yah this is what you get when you buy the $25.00 home inspection.

  20. What do you suggest for sliding glass doors in the backyard? And for the wooden fence since we're at it?

  21. Go to the hardware store and buy yourself a dowel rod and cut it down to size to fit in the slide track.

  22. What frisbee do you recommend? I wanted to start this with our 6 MO.

  23. Mine loves the Kong frisbees. Soft on their mouths to catch.

  24. Don't see sunlight for months at at a time and your highest toon is lvl 40? 🧢

  25. It's that head down eyes up judging look they give you. Mine does the same thing.

  26. Just so you know they got their lawn that way by using an insane amount of chemicals and over watering. It's not hard to get a great lawn, it's not hard to get a great lawn without it being an environmental disaster

  27. It doesn't take an insane amount of chemicals. Just normal fertilizing 4 or 5 times a year and a little water when it doesn't rain for weeks.

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