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  1. Do you visualize the spirit? If not yet, use your senses to feel when that soul has crossed. You may ask for a sign that is unique to confirm it. You should also feel the person is no longer here.

  2. I do suggest you seek training or an experienced medium to help this spirit. It is not always a good thing to jump into engaging without a base in mediumship. You will learn.

  3. See it in you physical vision or in your mind's eye.

  4. Since it is your therapist, I wonder if the therapists here might weigh in? I feel it could cross a line, since it involves on her personal life and your therapy should remain separate.

  5. I love Christmas movies. They are about magic and love. Now that I’m older and single I feel sad and more lonely when I watch them. I really like my alone quiet time but maybe not as much as I thought I did. Christmas used to be so fun! Nothing has been the same since I lost my soul mate in 2004 to brain cancer. She was only 32 and we had so many plans and dreams that were taken with her. We loved shopping for gifts and seeing my kids faces light up on Christmas Day as they opened their gifts. She even made me love standing in long lines on Black Friday!We decorated my house inside and out. I can’t even bring myself to put up a small Christmas tree. We talked about growing old together. I wish so bad she would visit me if only in my dreams but she doesn’t even show up there. I’ve tried a few times to love but nothing feels right so I gave that up for good. Kids are grown and have their own lives, my parents are 78 & 79 and are so lucky to still have each other for 59 years and still going. When I look at my 6 grandkids I think of how badly she wanted a baby and how she would have loved to be a grandmother. I would never contemplate suicide because I know I have to live out this life. But I sometimes wonder why am I still here? What happened to my happy ending?

  6. We find a way to find happiness in the loved ones we love ourselves, so much. I lost my little brother to brain cancer, this year. I lost one son, years ago. There is no way to describe how it feels to not be able to stop that physical separation, even though I know the other side is peaceful and loving for most.

  7. It's called patterning. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you brain sees the clock and you turn to look at it when the numbers are the same. You will also notice numbers you prefer or numbers that match dates important to you.

  8. I do it all of the time. We teach kids to do it. But, when we feel awful, we seem to become more aware.

  9. Thos turkey is an example of the finest methods of mummification.

  10. Look for verified mediums, or verified and trusted mediums.

  11. Yes, but I’m having trouble finding verified mediums that’s the thing!

  12. Thank you so much. I have not had anyone else very close to me pass since. So I am not sure if it will happen again.

  13. It happens. It happened to mr.o ce in a similar way, where I had no idea who had died. Ususually,I know. That was a tough one. It's hard to be prepared when you don't know who.

  14. Go after the camera man, and you reduce the available evidence though. Maybe only do that for more heinous crimes. Kid throwing a chair impotently isn't really doing all that much.

  15. If the cameraman is in on it, that is an accomplice.

  16. Yes of course. But there's the other side to this issue that I was pointing out.

  17. Where I taught every classroom had a camera feed. So the student film would have been superfluous. It has become the standard, to protect the teachers.

  18. We do offer advice here. She may need more time. To acclimate and to heal. Frankly, you need to heal so that you can hear her. When we are busy calling out in grief, we are not listening for answers. We hurt too much to listen.

  19. They're great. They show up when I am trying to type quickly in front of the timeclock to help.someone in the time I have.

  20. She seems to be a spirit that chose to visit you. She does not beed to be of any cultural or historical significance to anyone else.

  21. Yes you are right because she helped me solve a specific problem I was wrestling with at the time. She showed me things and we spoke for a long time, the we said goodbye and I haven't seen her since, but I have felt like she was nearby a few times. She made such impression on me so I wanted to find out if this is a spirit known to others aswell, she seemed that powerful and 'big' in spirit. I have been unable to forget her, but I am not sure how to spell her name so me writing here to ask is a bit like throwing a small diamond out in the desert and then ask if someone have seen it. But weirder things happen everyday, I thought, so why not? Thank you for your advice I will consider it. Love E

  22. She could begin to practice psychic protection. Search the top of the page. She may have been touched by spirit. She was not afraid. So, there is probably nothing with which to be concerned.

  23. We are surrounded by souls and spirits all throughout life. Perhaps one just wanted to say, "Hello". It doesn't need to mean anything.

  24. It's like another skill. Some have more talent in music or math. Psychics have talent in intuition and contact with spirit.

  25. A lot of users have contacted me over the last two years, asking things about

  26. Yeah, I think the OP was having a hard day. They were causing problems all over the sub that day.

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