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  1. It’s an improvement. Not exactly what I’ve hoped for, but I think it’s a better deal for most.

  2. Agreed. 1.5% for what is now free users and 2% for M1+ seems fair.

  3. Doesn't make much difference for me, although I was planning on selling off a lot of my cashback stock for some tax-loss harvesting but I guess I can just sell them completely now. It's nice that we don't have to keep track of what is eligible now, maybe that means we will see more companies being added and removed.

  4. Backpacking off this comment (rip your reddit karma) to poll the audience. Can someone who advocates against the death penalty here voice why they think it isn't warranted? Is it just because it's viewed as inhumane/barbaric or is there more to it?

  5. For one cost. It's more expensive to convict and deal with the appeals of a death sentence vs. just handing down a life sentence. Even more so in scenarios like this where the death penalty is an option and can be used as leverage for a plea deal.

  6. A cheaper electric pickup would be nice. Either a Ford Ranger or Maverick.

  7. https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/owner-resources/sales-support/2023-maverick-retail-order-faqs/

  8. Probably depends on locations but typically you are not legally allowed to do 90mph for no reason. This is exactly why we are so far away from solving issues with policing because yeah we know and complain about the big issues but this abuse of power starts with these small things that no one really talks about. If you are responding to an emergency you have lights. If not you are not entitled to pass, you are not entitled to speeding down the highway.

  9. Probably less money for ford dealers, which i don’t think anyone outside of dealers care too much about.

  10. Maybe less but the dealers have to do less work. I recently took delivery of a Lightning. I placed the order online, went in and signed my order afterwards. 7-8 months later the truck arrived. The dealer takes delivery, does a predelivery inspection, a quick detail, and helps with paperwork, that's it. Compare that to a traditional customer, they go test drive a handful of vehicles, then needs to negotiate a price, if they can't come to agreement the customer walks and the dealer receives no money. Dealer could invest several hours into one customer and ultimately receive nothing. The Lightnings from what I understand have a profit built into MSRP, I believe 10% and for what? Just to take delivery of the truck. Price is agreed upon ahead of time, I'm not test driving anything. I came in to sign paperwork and go as quickly as possible. It could have been even quicker, Ford is allowing people to complete their purchase on EVs online ahead of time. I think realistically if you did that I would have been in and out in less than a hour and the dealer would have made like $6k.

  11. Most people will want to test drive at least a demo vehicle. Many for awhile will want to test drive the actual vehicle they are buying.

  12. I agree. I don't think dealerships are going anywhere. But I think their business model will change and their primary focus will end up being used cars and their service department. Sure some people will still want to buy cars the traditional way but personally I absolutely hate it and look forward to the day I can complete the process online.

  13. Just worked a mandatory overtime..16 hours id get suspended if I refused.

  14. So what if they suspend you? You can always find another job, the 16 hours you'll never get back.

  15. Eh it's a government job, decent pay, pension, and a union. It's not like A Target where I can just hop to another place. But I am trying to leave.

  16. They wanted the fold down work surface lol

  17. I just sold my XLT SR MSRP $56,6xx for $78k to Carvana. Something to consider for people thinking about selling. Received the offer on Tuesday, truck was gone Thursday, and had money in the bank Friday.

  18. Same thing happened for the 2022 waves. Pro sold out in Wave 1, XLTs sold out after Wave 2. I bet Lariat SR sold out next wave.

  19. I actually think they prefer people to order the Lariat SR. Still really expensive, but uses 30% less of Ford’s limited battery supply. It’s not an accident that all the ER trucks are just above the $80k tax credit mark, IMO.

  20. Yeah, makes sense. Lariat SR, Ford probably makes a nice profit on them and the customer can get a a good value with the tax credit. That being said, I remember seeing the projected production for each trim and the Lariat ER was supposed to be the most produced. It sure seems to have gone that way based on what's available on the used market. It also seems like they are following a similar projection for the 2023s as as well. I think regardless we are going to be seeing mostly Lariats on the road for the next couple years.

  21. True…I’m still gonna order and tbh it’s kind of bittersweet that I can’t order a Pro because I truly wanted andXLT or higher but the Pro price was too good to pass up

  22. I got hit with the same disappointment during the 2022 ordering. Got invited to order in Wave 2 only to find the Pro sold out and being forced to upgrade to the XLT. I had the XLT for about a month before selling it and loved it. I plan on getting another Lightning one day and that will be the trim I aim to get. It is a really nice truck. Never been in a Pro so can't compare but based on what I've seen vs what I got to drive for a month, I think it's worth the upgrade.

  23. The Pro was sold out to everyone except the people who extended for a Pro. We've known it's been sold out for 2 weeks now. Why is everyone surprised.

  24. This will be convenient for people who don't have their own EVSE (in apartments), so you only need to charge once every 3, 4 months or so. Of course this better have super super super fast charging.

  25. It makes far more sense to just have level 2 chargers everywhere. At the store, restaurants, movies, on street parking etc. Making EVs lighter and cheaper are far higher priorities.

  26. This. My ICE car get roughly 300 miles per tank. When considering EV range I thought about how many times I drove through an entire tank of gas without stopping and the answer is 0. Even if I managed an average speed of 60mph that's 5 hours of driving. I have no interest in driving for 5 hours non-stop I'm going to want to take a break, stretch my legs, use the bathroom and/or get something to eat. Even more so now with 2 kids.

  27. Yeah, Line-X is better quality and they do a better job at applying it. I got a quote I believe it was $600. Spray in Bed Liner from Ford is also $600.

  28. I just looked at the quote I received. $650 for basic and $800 for premium.

  29. Sorry—wasn’t clear. This says the bid is at $67K. Why aren’t people just buying lightnings off of here since this might be less than a dealer markup

  30. Check out the finished auctions $80k Lariat ERs going for $100k over and over again.

  31. Eh I think part of a government's responsibility is to push it's country's future towards a sustainable one and it should use it's influence and resources to do it, including financial resources. The reality is if EV's received the same government money the ICE industry has had it would outcompete ICE cars in basically everyway and it certainly will in time. Gas vehicles have been maximized. Electric cars are only beginning.

  32. Seems like they are being very nice and asking politely. The smoke seems to bother them a bit. Your text seems a little passive aggressive. Mostly talking about the laws, the rules and your rights when that hasn't been brought up. They obviously aren't trying to bring any of that into it. You sound like a lawyer.

  33. This. Try and be a decent neighbor ffs. That reply text is a great way to ruin a relationship with someone you will be seeing for potentially years to come.

  34. Well that was disappointing. You really don't have to talk about anything beyond the mirror controls on the steering wheel. Just why??? You adjust the mirrors once when parked. "It's a delivery truck that's what matters no music controls". LMAO what?? Because the drivers aren't going to listen to music, now they just have to reach over to the left or right and take their eyes off of the road to adjust the music. But hey they can adjust their mirrors 50,000 times. The design just screams Canoo is attempting to reinvent the wheel instead of just using what works.

  35. Unless I missed something and it's randomly going to be available in the next wave, the Pro sold out again in Wave 1. So you really have no choice anyway. It's $60k XLT SR or nothing.

  36. I figured this would be the case, but I would think I would have the ability to click extend reservation if pro is no longer being offered for 2023. I think now after waiting so long and SR range being paultry, I'm going to wait a few more years to let the BEV truck industry and battery tech mature...I have, like most here, a Silverado res (first few seconds it went live...not making that mistake again) and have some hope, not much since it's Chevy, and I'm not crazy on the company...should have better range though with more standard featurs.

  37. No extending this year. Only options are to order what's available or cancel reservation. Yeah, I have a Silverado reservation as well. Although I might just wait for the next gen Lightning.

  38. Just tried to see what I could get for a 2016 Ford Focus. I had put it in before and got an offer of like $6-7k this time they offered...$312 lmao

  39. I have Antimatter Blue. Only other color I really considered was Black.

  40. Tried it initially, which was a very short drive and then parking and trying to park was a pain. I tried it again 600 miles later and got pretty used to it after just a few miles. I like it but I switch back and forth between the truck and a ICE car. Making the mental adjustment every time going back and forth between 1 and 2 pedal driving is a pain. I have to remember in the car that I can't just let the accelerator go to slow down.

  41. Got pulled over once as teenagers because we were laughing and pointing out the window as we passed a cop.

  42. This is Little Egg Harbor not Egg Harbor.

  43. I'll probably break 3 hours once or twice in a marathon training cycle. If I was doing it more than that I'd probably find an easier plan better suited for me or set a time limit of like 3:15. I don't believe I'd be able to recover effectively enough to have a productive rest of the week.

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