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  1. Engineering is always a balance of thousands of design constraints. Sometimes it’s balancing power, weight and durability. Other times is cost vs quality. Or manufacturing tolerance to poor quality in trade for performance. And why design and build an engine that will last 500k miles if the vehicle will only last 150k miles. So it’s a huge rabbit hole to answer, but I don’t think any auto manufacturer disregards reliability.

  2. Your process is correct. My company normally breaks that into component FMEAs and system level to make the documents easier to digest. Then the system FMEA has the failure modes of the component level as sources. An o-ring tears, will generate a leak. A leak can cause water ingress, loss of lubrication, debris, customer dissatisfier, etc.

  3. Are you allowed to bring that much through customs? Or are you just hoping they don't find out?

  4. 1 liter duty free. The rest he will need to pay tax on.

  5. A water brake dyno can spin 7000. No need to gear it down. For 1000hp, that’s the best option.

  6. NHTSA collects and summarizes that kind of data, but I can’t find a nice succinct document. You may be able to get something or pointed to a database if you contact them.

  7. Double lip contact seal. Simple radial ball bearing setup. NSK or high grade Japan made. Only thing special is the grease. Using a super clean higher temp for the application.

  8. Interesting. I always thought those kinds of speeds needed some fancy bearing and seal combo. What diameter is the bearing?

  9. I don’t think it was mentioned here. But by “test” a material, they don’t mean look at the laser and if you can’t see it you’re good.

  10. Also not mentioned here. But cheap Chinese diode lasers are incredibly dangerous because their tolerance on their emitted wavelength is terrible. A good majority of them will also emit in the ultra-violet spectrum if theyre cold.

  11. No it’s not related to Porsche at all. The V10 is a bespoke design based off the 4.57 V8 Mercury previously released and that engine was a clean sheet design with no outside input.

  12. He always said „build a hyperloop instead of the california highspeed rail project, it is faster“. Same with the boring company compared to metros. After almost ten years there‘s not a single hyperloop and the boring tunnel is basically a normal one track tunnel but you have to pay and are sometimes stuck in traffic nonetheless.

  13. Elon didn’t hurt high speed rail. One man’s (not politician without any policy power) comments don’t make policy and those decisions are decades in the making.

  14. I saw the twin and thought “Look at you flaunting your IO-360 rebuild money”. Then I saw the turbine exhaust, well “that’s just baller”.

  15. Oh I have the invoice. Told them no on a lot of it! But still does not change the higher charge for same piece one month later.

  16. What was the repair? What was the cost a month ago? What was the cost now?

  17. If in a high user density area, they may not let you reactivate at all and put you on the waiting list. OR they put you on the same cost, but "best effort" service.

  18. I don’t mean to laugh but the last 2 seconds where the deer just flies is hilarious. I hope the deer is ok

  19. I know it ain't nothing to do with this post but does anybody knows if the whole story that Elon haters tell is true? The whole "his dad had a emerald mine", "they were always rich", "Tesla has lithium mines with children working on it" or things like that.

  20. His Dad did own an emerald mine, and they were maybe well off compared to average Africa, but not “rich”. However, their mother and them left the estranged father and didn’t get / take any money with them. And in the 90s his father was broke to the point Musk and his brother supported their father. That was well before Elon made any money with the sale of Zip2 in 1999.

  21. Only way to know is to ask your sales advisory for a hold until 2023. But don’t be surprised if they cancel your order, keep your order fee, and put you to the back of the line.

  22. Original owner, bought the car a little over a year ago. Had tires rotated around 6 or 7k.

  23. You can go to the tire manufacturer and get a discount towards a new set of tires. Those aren’t wearing unevenly (suspension issue), just wearing out. A heavy foot plus EVs instant torque will do that. Although the OEM tires tend to be lower tread depth for both reduced noise and better mileage.

  24. Yeah…. Sorry to break it to you, but your kids are driving your car, even if they don’t have a license and “aren’t old enough”. I did this as a teenager as well.

  25. How often do you supercharge? Tesla will throttle supercharging speeds to protect the battery if you supercharge daily.

  26. Can you explain more? If it’s 12 volt how is the car still starting?

  27. If it’s truly a software issue, yes Tesla can re-push the software / firmware update remotely to fix the issue. You need to contact Tesla service.

  28. I assume I’ll get some downvotes. I’m a fan of Tesla and truly enjoy my MYLR. I’m excited about where the tech will take us but this is FAR from a sellable product right now.

  29. You won't get any response or feedback to Tesla posting on Reddit.

  30. Thanks. I didn’t expect that Tesla would see this post. I do hit the camera button when it makes more significant errors but not for every little thing. Funny enough, when I pressed it after the murder turn it told me I had to be using fsd to send report. It cut itself off in the middle of the issue so no report went. Will email and thanks!

  31. Interesting, I've never seen that "Must be using FSD to report". I'm on the latest software and use it to report often right after disengagement, or while on NOA instead of FSD.

  32. https://www.amazon.com/WIX-Filters-24077-Analysis-Pack/dp/B000CSEUQ0/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=B000CSEUQ0&qid=1580694811&sr=8-1

  33. Blackstone will also be able to show anti-wear additives which can give you an idea of how good it is/ what you can use it in.

  34. I’m sure 74 degrees ain’t that cold. 😉

  35. It is when you look at nightly and average daily temperatures. The packs average temperature has dropped, so regen at high charge levels is reduced.

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