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  1. Moms Demand Action is largely funded by establishment billionaires Yung Gravy

  2. I’m just gonna be upfront, if you don’t wanna hurt fish, then don’t fish. That’s just part of fishing. Fish get hurt, and sometimes they die.

  3. I'm very disturbed... But there's just a tiny bit that's aroused, and that makes me sad.

  4. the counsel has met and this man has been banished the BOYS we wish him luck in the future and if he is able to prove he is no longer an incel we may even consider allowing him access to the title homie again good day- the counsel of Boys

  5. Don’t even give him the privilege of being called a man, that’s reserved for those of us who have moved past the need for nudes

  6. I’d be very interested to know if anyone did/does this.. that’d be a very interesting map… until population reset hits.

  7. I’ve done it on a Silver Ridge. Stacked up around 12 diamonds and like 20 rares. I’m sure you could find a post about it if you go far enough back on my profile.

  8. What's the actual point of this? It's not like knives are hard to get, the average person could always snatch one from their kitchen.

  9. There is no point other than it appears like the government is doing something. Same thing with gun control, it’s just slapping a band aid on something instead actually solving the deeper problem.

  10. I’m down for a map that isn’t just catered to people who sprint around lakes spamming their binoculars looking for diamonds like the game is a cheap shooting gallery. Please bring back meaningful story driven side missions so we have a reason to hunt something other than diamonds.

  11. Could be interesting if they do it right. Me personally I’d rather see a completely mountainous map. Possibly Tajikistan, where the hunting is extremely hard and takes a while.

  12. I’ve had it for a while apparently when I got it it was a rare. Then it turned uncommon, then now back to rare. So does it still count as a super rare?

  13. So then just add it back as a feature... that’d be a pretty awesome thing to do for the community. Debug is a great excuse but to not add the feature after acknowledging that they didn’t mean to remove it, is a prick move. I hope they announce they will be adding it to the lodge because it’s 100% possible to add a new feature to the lodge

  14. They literally just decided to let the states decide on how they’ll legislate it for themselves, aka 10th amendment.

  15. “50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghost town”

  16. No this is the first lvl 4 diamond FG ever hunted or seen in cotw, congratulations sir.

  17. There have been a few lvl 4 diamond feral goats shot, this one is not the first

  18. All of the rares (Blonde, Dark Brown, Albino) have the same spawn chance, which is 1/1000. You can see this in the population scanner data.

  19. I got 2 weird looking gold scoring albino stags, I love them but I do wish they were more symmetrical.

  20. Minie balls have pretty insane penetration, so much that you can side heart shot moose from over 200m.

  21. Winter is a rare fur type ever since Mississippi, which means that is a super rare.

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