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  1. The angels are I believe aspects of the divine nature, so this would mean the answer is both.

  2. thats what I think, basically the different creative and destructive powers of God( the whole) the question is , are the concious, sentient as us? Im leaning towards yes, but who knows.

  3. This is the talisman of said group of angels from Damon Brand's "72 Angels of Magick".

  4. Jove was Also an old latín name for Júpiter. So Yaweh (jehovah) could come from Júpiter=Zeus=marduk= Enlil. (God of the heavens and storms) . Old testament God is a derivative of Zeus most probably.

  5. I made a huge guide on how to do it and also practice it multiple times a week. You just decide what you want instead of this matrix and then go to sleep imagining being where you want to be. Intend to wake up there and then you are out of here.

  6. How can You be sure You really are outta there though. What signs/evidence did You see

  7. First I enter a void, that's the exit from the matrix. Then I enter my desired matrix from there if it doesn't happen by itself and then I'm there.

  8. How do You know that You are In " the demiurge matrix" btw . I mean how can You be sure 😅

  9. Mostly from all the hate he gets from the movie/music industry. No other religious figure has ever been as mocked as him. Every single Jesús related movie gets bombed to l Oblivion. There's gotta be a reason for that

  10. That's an interesting perspective. What is your take on the crucifixion? Did Jesus die on a cross? Literally?

  11. The crucifixión in My opinión could have been fake/allegory, as are so Many other bible passages. What I meant is that I do believe that there must have being Some enlightened well meaning teacher called Yeshua who preached "the way to live" in those eras, and probably gathered quite a following, upsetting the status quo (Román Empire ) quite a bit. Since he might have been already quite popular, it could have been an strategic move by the Román Empire to incorporate this messiah into their religión as their new "saviour", in order to appease the ever growing Christian community at the time. All this while the "elite" still worshipped the old gods in secret through the mystery school of mithra (loosley based on the old sun God of the same name; the "sol Invictus")

  12. I just looked it up, the Rolling Stones were formed in 1962 - their first US tour was in 1964...! They've been playing together for 60 years. That isn't normal. I can only speak for myself, but I get sick and tired of things after only a few short months. Can you imagine doing the same thing, over and over again for 60 years straight? I don't care how much you love music....or anything for that matter. When you're as old as these guys are, going on tour is not going to be something you're interested in. And it isn't as though they do it for the money.

  13. And what do You think it "entails"?working your ass off until old age a la Bob Dylan , in order to generate money and energy for decades? A highly paid slave?

  14. I came to the same conclusion. But that whatever the true Truth of what is really Real is too fucking obscure to really give a shit about. like, it doesn't matter to any aspect of my life how many stars there are, and laying back to count them was always a novelty to me.

  15. From all I have gathered. My Best guess is that we are batteries/energy for something greater than us which Holds us back (may be saturn, may be archorns, the God damn flying spaghetti monster...who the fuck knows) , hence the common practice of human sacrifice on ancient cultures of the ancient past all over the world, and the way to leave the material is to be fully detached from it (don't desire the pleasures of this world : sex,money,fame,power,etc...) But, as with all theories. It could be complete horseshit

  16. I'd add: The Lucifer of Isaiah 14:12-17 is not the devil, as Christian tradition holds, but a mortal king of babylon whom the author didn't like very much. The equivocation with the fall of Satan in Revelation 12 is likely the source of the tradition (likewise with the "serpent" in Revelation and the serpent in Genesis). Christianity in the first few centuries CE shared cultural space / zeitgeist with the Sol Invuctus cult, from which it borrowed heavily (solar halos in art, depictions of Jesus / Sol Invictus that are almost indestinquishable in style, etc). Being a competing religion, it's reasonable to expect solar deities (i.e. the Roman Lucifer) to be demonised and identified with the fallen, ultimately-destroyed Christian devil.

  17. I just came to the conclusión (after months of reading and digging into occult texts and info) that the reality of of existance is one Big mind fuck. One I think I Will never figure out, at least in this lifetime.

  18. What is it exactly about incarnations that makes us evil? The physical/egocentric instincts that come along with it?or is matter itself full of "sinful entities"

  19. this is a hermetic subreddit, not a freemasonry sub. who they worship doesn’t concern us

  20. Well pike Also states that their doctrines are based on all the ancient hermetic and egyptian teachings. Perhaphs freemasonry is a corruption of original hermetism, who knows

  21. maybe, though as a hermetic, I don’t idolize hermes trismegistus, I just agree and follow his teachings, I don’t deify him

  22. Hermes, thoth, and Hermes trismegistus are supposed to be one and the same,right? Hence "trismegistus= thrice great"

  23. Do you intend on praying to Saturn? If so I’ll message you the true name, it’s not the most secret name in the world but I believe that there’s no point in knowing about it if you don’t plan on praying.

  24. You know how in Judaism YHWH is seen as the most sacred name and shouldn’t be spoken like at all out of respect? It’s like that, I don’t think it’s dangerous at all but it should be treated with a level of secrecy and respect.

  25. No, I did not mean witchcraft/demonic channeling 😁 Thank you for the information! However, I did mean just energy charged subliminals that contained no affirmations (so energy charged audios).

  26. How the heck do You "Charge Energy" into audios. Isnt everything Energy/vibrations?

  27. Omg thank you so much for reminding me of solar, her most popular booster gave me my first results! I completely forgot about her thank you 😊

  28. Yea, that's a great one too. I endorse them, however there are some Gnostics in there.

  29. Menorahman, u have literally stated that Saturn is God, stfu lmao You are the one trying to decieve. Am I really to think that the destroyer/shiva/ the Planet called "the GREAT malefic" is the all loving father of Jesús?LOL

  30. But I live on snake, THROUGH THIS ARM (that scene never fails to crack me up😂😂)

  31. That shits what african shamans call a chitauri ( a reptile darth maal, basically)

  32. No it’s a demon and or demons taking control of you

  33. If you don’t know what bible they are referring to it’s most likely the Ethiopian bible

  34. I absolutely love Enchanted Workshop's subs 😭😭💓 so happy for you

  35. Is nimrod marduk or gilgamesh by the way? And what was he? A person, Nephilim, fallen angel, alien?. As I understood it, freemasons worship the "Demigurge". Basically a dualistic God of both good and evil, "the conciousness(architect) that created and runs the processes ( generation, evolution, destruction) of the universe". Similar to the hindú Trinity.

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