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  1. When I first started watching, I was kinda like "Yea, shoot her" before finishing the game. Mia kinda sucks. She's the reason Ethan goes to the Bakers. She constantly lies and tells half truths. She worked for an evil company and worked her way up high enough to be a handler for a bioweapon that she is fully aware is a bioweapon. She knows about Ethan's "issues" yet doesnt do anything to really help (she probably also has the same issues). Hell, Ethan doesnt even know her well enough to tell who is and who isnt the real Mia.

  2. The extra creepy/dumb part is Mia found out Ethan was infected, kept that revelation to herself and still willingly had sex with him???

  3. To her credit. Its hard to imagine Mia isnt also infected with the mold considering we gave her more than a couple kill blows in re7

  4. My Head-canon: Jill is the last KNOWN remaining STARS in Raccoon City. I like to think that Nemesis was playing with her a bit to see if she would lead it to any other STARS hiding out (Chris/Rebecca/Barry) that Umbrella doesn't know about. Technically in one ending, she kinda would have, if she didn't kill him first.

  5. I did it once with a infinite Stake. It kinda trivialized it. Think I died a couple times vs Heisen and that was it. I took another fresh shot at it, and made it past the castle and stopped as I had already beaten the game enough times for the platinum and just wanted to stop.

  6. Hell yea, Umbrella Chronicles Wesker. The only time he flashes the red eyes in the STARS uniform.

  7. I wonder if the Tony thing was a work shoot that Tony and them were not aware of that turned into a real shoot afterwards.

  8. I really doubt it. I just think Tony was afraid of telling his hero to shut up. Only way I see Punk anywhere is if this is the greatest work of all time.

  9. Resident Evil 9, Then a RE Code Veronica Remake with a Outbreak successor between.

  10. I like it better than 3...mostly because it feels more important to me. I like the concepts a bit better. Nemesis is cool....but I like the potential of the ashford family creepiness. It also just has far more memorable occurrences for me. The Frozen Spider, Hunters returning and being controlled by Wesker, Alexander Ashford, the nostalgia hit at the end. Even corny monsters like Bandersnatches have a design that could be terrifying if done better.

  11. Nice but meaningless gesture. Anyone who has the means to travel to Canada has the means to travel to one of the many places in the US where abortions are available.

  12. Doubt it. Abortions at planned parenthood are not expensive in the US. And I'm pretty sure free healthcare in Canada is just for the citizens.

  13. Its about 300-400 CAD cheaper. Travel would probably make it not worth it unless its the closest place.

  14. Nintendo is allowing refunds because of how broken scarlet and violet is. But it’s kinda like how FNaF Security Breach was super buggy. People were impatient with the wait for the games and pressured GameFreak to hurry up. Not everyone though, and I feel like GameFreak could’ve told everyone to be patient/ignore the rush. I was happy seeing all the Sprigatito content.

  15. Thats not how it works, gamefreak has a 1 year cycle . They are pretty much required to release it yearly by nintendo due to merchandising.

  16. Said it a year ago and still stand by it If people like eating sh!t its ok but it doesn't change the fact that they like EATING SH!T and studios are gonna make more sh!t for them to eat 💩💩

  17. Well thats true everywhere. EA hasn't updated Fifa switch in like 5 years and people still scoop it up every year.

  18. I thought Jill, Chris, and Claire's characterization was was just the plot and writing that was shit.

  19. As much as a child Punk was at the scrum...this really does make Kenny and The Bucks look like spiteful children. Especially with the SI interview it makes Kenny look full of shit.

  20. Bray just doesnt seem like he's tall because he was with Brodie and Rowan for so long...but dude is 6'3"

  21. God I hope they hear about this and leave another pie, this time with forks.

  22. You have Rainbow Six, just throw valorant on there, somehow force EA to make Battlefield....good and you'll be fine

  23. I think this is unfair to developers. Gamers expect a full content roadmap out of the gate nowadays. When a developer allocates additional resources to make sure the roadmap is both successful in implementation and content rich they should be celebrated, not condemned. It keeps the original game as intended and unlocks bonus content for those who’d like more.

  24. I don't really. Only thing I'd want to actually know is if DLC will come out or not, until its almost out then you can tell me more.

  25. I hope it was just worded poorly and the new animations mean new enemies. They really should of just not advertised the animations and just added them with the dlc and no one would of even mentioned it

  26. Theres no selling in this clip, thats bumping. Selling is after the bump expressing pain from the bump.

  27. I know they are going for a spartan helmet look...but damn that mask kinda sucks. Also the S drawing is kinda dumb as well.

  28. They should just be open about the game regardless if there is a dev there....barring that though, do separate ones.

  29. I had a 3.2kd in caldera and still have a 2kd in mwii multiplayer despite the god-awful movement mechanics.

  30. But I dont want to become a streamer and rely on pub stomps for content. I also dont mind being matched with people my skill level or complain about tactics being geared towards the majority of Players. Yea I can totally get better at the game, but why do you keep saying that? Do I just magically start hating mechanics and sbmm the better I get?

  31. To your last sentence, yes if they reduce the skill gap, no because better players aren’t actually excited by pub stomping. It’s the fluidity and ability to chain mechanics for execution that’s the exciting part. After a certain level, you don’t care about pub stomping, but executing the game mechanics in a clever way. Pub stomping is what bad players love to enjoy. Good players are excited because of the outplay mechanics available to them. Executing them perfectly give a fantastic high.

  32. I understand that, I competed in Counter Strike in the Early 00s. What you are explaining is different from what streamers actually want though. Streamers make money off their "clips" mixed with their personality. They complain about SBMM because it prevents good clips from being created thus hurting their revenue stream, which is the antithesis of the competition of the game. That's what I have issue with. If you are good at the game and don't mind playing people on your same level, thats cool. Yea I can understand the dumbing of mechanics a bit more, but the mechanic of situational awareness and technical skill is still a pretty big factor in this game and Im confident the skill gap will retain with the removal of slide cancelling. Im actually pretty confident other movement options will eventually be found.

  33. He's just mentally resistant to the influence. In Re8 I think they kind of explain this by insinuating that Ethan may be the perfect mold host that Miranda was seeking. Mia was also a bit resistant but less so, and Lucas cured himself but still hears the voices. Eva also wants Ethan to be her "dad" so that may mean she fucks his mind up a bit less as she wants genuine love. Some of it seems to be related to if Eva even gives a crap as well. Clancy and Zoe were relatively ignored, and that seems to be mostly because they weren't really paid attention to or cared about by Eva.

  34. In regards to your 1 and 2, I always assumed Wesker grabbed Barry to threaten him pretty immediately and Wesker had the skeleton keys for the building.

  35. Weird, I always considered it one of the easier ones. RE0 is much harder IMO. Easy Mode is fine, it doesn't change any of the puzzles just enemy count and damage. If you are playing the Remaster, using the hybrid controls breaks the zombies due to the 3D controls not being in the original. Basically walk up to them then use the 3D controls to dodge the lunges and run past. The Default for it is usually: The D-pad is set to Tank, and the Analogue stick is set to 3D.

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