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  • By - jgb75

  1. Husband worked (voluntary and made amazing holiday pay) so my son and I went to park, played in sand, played at splash pad, and more sand lol

  2. We want to buy/build as our rent is now $1500 a month but unfortunately life and my student loans have made it difficult to save. We have some saved up but unfortunately with the current cost of homes in our area it’s becoming impossible to afford rent or mortgage.

  3. I used to work from home and minus my lunch break and random bathroom or coffee breaks I worked the whole time. If the doorbell rang or something came up I communicated to my team. My job was so involved and time sensitive I couldn’t “waste” time. Thankfully I had a good team and it was understood that working from home there might be interruptions not occurring if you were in office.

  4. At least in Wisconsin you need a different class of drivers license, also weather.

  5. C sections are much more expensive! It’s also major surgery and at least in my experience I didn’t have a choice. I live in the United States and for my doctor it was last resort/emergency. From my understanding you have to have a pre-existing condition or something going on where baby needs put asap.

  6. All different depending on city, day, weather, etc. I’ve seen walk in and instant care and I’ve seen all day

  7. I mean, are there actually people in this world who think a woman can do this? 🤦‍♀️

  8. I used to work in insurance and it was made clear no yoga type pants at all. If you did you would be sent home without pay to change.

  9. My husband loves it cold and always turns the air on even if I don’t want it on lol. I would never survive if I didn’t constantly have fleece blankets or sweatshirts on!

  10. Not much and I do a lot of walking/biking. Granted I live in a very small town. Everyone seems to clean up after themselves with parks having trash bins, etc. I think it’s really dependent on where you live.

  11. I haven’t applied to a job in years but why do they ask this?? I don’t see the relevance to job performance? I would put don’t wish to answer personally!

  12. No we live near farm land and my husband drives half an hour to work on a two lane country highway. You would get a ticket from a police officer most likely if you tried lol

  13. Iowa because I can see corn fields from my bedroom window 🤷‍♀️ (I totally get there’s more than corn fields in Iowa lol).

  14. We are saving so much money since I started hanging clothes!! Even if you have the money for a dryer why waste the money when energy costs are so high?? I don’t see why people think it’s “poor” behavior.

  15. We have wanted to buy for years but it is HARD. I don’t get how people can be so dense and think people can just “buy” at any time.

  16. It doesn’t work for everyone, but low carb can really help! Not sure how fast. I lost 30 lbs over a year doing it.

  17. Never. Used too once in a great while when I was younger but now I use cauliflower rice

  18. What cars have this high payment? Not being mean, but I had a Honda CR-V and was paying $288 a month. Granted it was used but thankfully a hail storm took care of it and now we don’t have a car payment anymore lol. At this point we are using the money from our insurance and plan to buy (even if older or used) with the cash and avoid another payment .

  19. Something I didn’t eat really besides maybe once and something I wouldn’t eat now since I eat low carb.

  20. It’s only federal loans too. Any private loans they will still owe 🤷‍♀️

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