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  1. Damn that’s sick! You’re really inspiring me to do something simlar

  2. If alien wants to shift form and tries to look human but just don’t have that humanity is how you look

  3. You keep an aquarium to give you an excuse to guys when your room smells fishy. It looks like your college degree is working out in the pet store.

  4. My college degree is so much worse than that, which is why I did not include it in my bio

  5. Your stocking is a bit too much for a tank that size. Additionally, khuli loaches need a substrate they can sift through. Sharp, jagged gravel is going to damage their whiskers and prevent them from doing their natural behavior. Sometimes, if you have a particular aesthetic you’re going for and you’re not going to change it to help your pets thrive, your stocking options go down drastically. A betta would be plenty happy in a tank like this.

  6. Goldfish are cold water. You only need about 100 watts to keep a hole in the ice for gas transfer. Then they’ll just hibernate for the winter.

  7. Yeah it’s unnecessary to bring goldfish inside in the winter unless your pond is shallower than 2 feet in the average North American climate.

  8. PH: 8-8.5 (I'm using test strips) Nitrite: .5 Nitrate: 0

  9. The nitrites are definitely contributing to the lethargic and dying fish btw

  10. Alright so it sound like your tank might not actually be fully cycled. If you’re getting nitrites but nitrates are 0, there’s an issue with the bacteria in your filter. I’m curious if you have ammonia. The ph is high but consistency is more important than chasing it lower. I’d test the oh super frequently just to see if it fluctuates or remains the same. If it’s always 8-8.5 don’t worry about it for now. I will say that the test strips are wildly inaccurate to the point where I convinced my manager to stop carrying them in the store (pond maintenance business), so consider the possibility that your parameters may be slightly or completely different than what the strips read.

  11. I have 2 of these and they are both off by anywhere from 2-5 degrees at anytime. Just beware. I have a reliable cooking thermometer I’ve been using to double check.

  12. I have had the same experience with 4 of these thermometers. They’re too good to be true, unfortunately. The thing is, I’d happily pay more for a more accurate version of this product. I haven’t found one though.

  13. It’s clear just by looking at those fish that they’re going to die within the week. They’re pale and lethargic which, at this point is probably due to being cold rather than ammonia but ammonia is going to build up fast as well. Guppies are hardy fish but this setup doesn’t even cover the bare minimum for this species. Your roommate should be ashamed tbh. In the age of the internet, there’s no excuse to neglect animals.

  14. If this is similar to “ammo lock” then it is not a solution but rather a temporary fix. It locks the ammonia in place making it not as harmful, but it only stays locked for a certain amount of time. I would honestly rehome those fish if you don’t want to/can’t keep up with the maintenance of an uncycled tank. You could ask your lfs for cycled media to put in your tank or add beneficial bacteria to jumpstart the cycle as well.

  15. Definitely not safe. The paint covering everything is not meant to be submerged and will degrade over time. Not to mention most turtles will happily eat stuff like that (I speak from experience).

  16. I’m going to ask if she will provide a cycled filter, and if not my friend has one she said I could use for a bit. I don’t know exactly if that’s okay, but it might give me some extra time to cycle one.

  17. Yeah as long as you keep the filter submerged during the transportation to your tank, that would be a great way to start the nitrogen cycle in your tank. It isn’t guaranteed to work though, so as others have mentioned, you must purchase a test kit and monitor the parameters before the axolotl is put in the tank.

  18. It’s not overrated at all, It’s amazing! I love that the bubbles look like they’re coming from the ship. Is it lit up on the inside of the ship or is that an illusion?

  19. They themselves are fine, but we’re they sprayed with pesticide? If organic, go ahead.

  20. Plants! Decor! Plants growing out of the top. Logs sticking out of the top like trees. Rocks. Plants on rocks. Different fish. Fish that hide in plants. More plants. Did I mention plants?

  21. I’ll be honest, you’re fish look…destructive. Don’t go wild with plants before knowing if your fish will treat them like toys.

  22. Yes he looks healthy currently. However, since that is a comet, they’re somewhat social and prefer groups of 3+. They will also need a pond as they grow bigger. Trust me. I’ve seen a 15”comet. They do NOT belong in aquariums. Source: I work at a nursery that also specializes in ponds and fish.

  23. Since that is a comet, they’re somewhat social and prefer groups of 3+. They will also need a pond as they grow bigger. Trust me. I’ve seen a 15”comet. They do NOT belong in aquariums. Source: I work at a nursery that also specializes in ponds and fish.

  24. If you’re not planning on upgrading and getting him a few more goldfish friends, then yes, that is what I recommend.

  25. Maybe if it doesn't get too cold and kill them. I'm surprised it's alive in the PNW.

  26. The nursery I work at has them year round in the landscape. We normally bundle them up for the winter but clearly that isn’t necessary lol Edit:this nursery is also in Oregon

  27. pretty sure there's no such thing as overstocking a tank with plants! im sure your betta will love it

  28. At first I read that as “there is no such thing putting too many fish in a tank that has plants” and I was so ready to downvote lol.

  29. Good on you for recognizing that they need more space. Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are both great places to get cheap tanks. I’ve also seen people use pre-formed ponds indoors for turtles. Take this with a grain of salt, but its hard to see this situation as a “rescue”, when you’ve put them in just another situation they have to be rescued from. This tank is wayyy to small, and that heater, although needed, is likely to be kicked to hell and shattered by the turtles. If you don’t have the funds to quickly get them the space they need, you should not be taking in more animals than you have. Your other turtles are no doubt in a great environment but these new ones really deserve better. Not when you can get them a new tank, but now.

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