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  1. To be fair, this intersection is a bit confusing to newcomers with curving roads and irregular shaped intersection... But running a red light is definitely an idiotic move.

  2. I love driving my cars (gas & electric). But I love traveling on high-speed rails for long distance trips, too. But we don't have any true high speed rail systems in America because of people like this. Combinations of good transportation infrastructure is good for people and economy. NYC downtown to Chicago downtown in 3.5 hours without having to arrive 2 hours before and waiting for luggage for another hour after arrival sounds like a dream. Other parts of the world have this...

  3. Evacuating those "illegal immigrants" in another states and leaving their own "patriots" to suffer... Tax dollars at work. Well Done.

  4. While the golden wants to play, the cat seems unsure and annoyed. When the cat attacks, the golden might know to stop lol. Sometimes Goldens are clueless when they are not wanted. Personal space and situational awareness are not their strong suits. 😂 😆

  5. Why in the fuck in any circumstance would they park the squad car on tracks

  6. When they are dumb enough to think all vehicles should stop when they see flashing blue and red lights.

  7. Unfortunately you have taught him that barking = he gets to come out of the crate and play. You will now have to train him out of that behavior which might take some time. I would recommend putting his crate next to where you sleep, if he barks at night take him outside on the leash to pee, no other interaction, no playing, no off leash time, not even eye contact and pets, just a quick praise him for peeing right as he does it. After he pees take him on a leash right back to his crate. If he barks again immediately give him a stern “quiet” command (no yelling, just use a low tone of voice because dogs read that rather than what you’re saying as such) and ignore. He needs to re-learn that barking only gets him to go out to pee, nothing else.

  8. A friend of ours recently did something similar. At minimum, You need a bill from the breeder (duties applicable if your dog costs more than a certain amount), a vaccination record, and typically a health certificate from a vet. Check with your breeder if applicable since they might have experience with something like this before. My friend’s breeder was so prepared with a whole packet of documents needed for the border.

  9. Honestly I think it's the think furniture with "gold" colored metal, but that's a shot in the dark. Manliness is iron and wood and leather. Well, "manliness."

  10. And the light behind the TV is orange, accentuating those gold colors even more or maybe making them look orange. A different color choice or less orange (3000-4000k) might make a difference.

  11. I am sure it was nice not have those Americans with certain undesirable personality traits in your country... I guess you will see them now?

  12. Trump, an alleged billionaire who went to private schools and grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth didn’t have issues relating to average Americans but this guy some how does… hmm…. Can’t be the private school part…. Must be something else, I just can’t put my Nazi finger on it… /s

  13. I agree I use very careful wording because of so many republican Reddit trolls who start to nitpick on specific things instead of focusing on the actual idea

  14. I have both iPhone and Galaxy phone. I really wish I could just carry one cord whenever I pack to go somewhere.

  15. Doesn't meat on special usually mean the meat is on its last leg?

  16. He looks like a Golden puppy. His fur will grow longer and he will look more like a "normal" golden.

  17. This is why regular cops should not be a traffic cop. Americans would rather have police pull them over and "face the accuser in court" than have traffic cameras and getting a speed ticket in the mail.

  18. I don’t think so, I believe their hydrogen fuel cell will eventually catch on. Renewal fuel that could be produce with renewable energy. No infrastructure is the issue but with bmw partnering with them and potentially others as well. It’ll eventually replace gas. Currently boeing is working on building an engine using hydrogen fuel. They are also working on hydrogen trucks which could revolutionize transport truck industry. Someone will have to start producing the hydrogen fuel and that will eventually bring down the cost.

  19. This sub is all against hydrogen... (I am not). There are a lot of Elon's fans/sheep here, too. 😂 😆

  20. Cute. I was confused at first to determine if the bunny was real or a stuffed animal toy.

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