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  1. Are the shiny galar birds still unable to be traded thru home?

  2. Hey, I apologize for such the delay. I'd be willing for that trade, looked at our profile and saw you have just a few codes, sarcasm at its finest lmao.

  3. Hahaha I have a lot of codes if you have other pogo stamp shiny legends / babies FT

  4. Do you know if the eternatus is tradable thru home? If so could I offer a Steven's beldum?

  5. I can evolve my Pokémon go shiny caterpie to a butterfree for a code if that works? I'll be a bit delayed in response time bc I'll be at school

  6. Wow that one is amazing looking, tysm man I'll definitely pick that one up

  7. Heyyyy glad you like it! I’ll keep my eye out for the exact one, let me know if you need any help or LS upgrades or whatever

  8. Luckily I have all S class upgrades for my living ships that I just duplicate over and over lmao. But I just copped the living ship and upgraded it 👍


  10. Skin colour determines the light colour in the armour veins, so you only get red light with red skin

  11. Ah I see now thank you for clearing up that little bit of confusion I had with my post description

  12. This is close. Or search rainbow LS in the search bar. 👍🏻

  13. Why didn’t you play it? It was absolutely amazing. I’m actually on a second playthrough for my s/o to watch, and I’m enjoying it even more the second time through.

  14. aha, I have one very much like this! I call it bronze and viridescent green (near black), same parts but with fishbowl feet. I found it in Isdorijung galaxy though.

  15. There's an Official Taxi Service to help with that. Scan down the right side anywhere on this subreddit and you'll find the link. If you haven't already, read the guide on finding Living Ships, it's a bit of a complicated process. Link to that is juts before the Official Taxi Service. Happy hunting!

  16. It’s a modified ship using a save file editor. Legit ships in the game have antennas.

  17. I was actually able to, on my ps5, go to a location where there was no crashed ship but when I reset the mission it spawned a living ship without antennae. I don't edit any saves I play fully vanilla

  18. Based off my experiences and others I've read/heard about, nothing unless they specifically want you to hear them. If they want you to hear them it can range from animal sounds to relatives living or dead

  19. Sorry, I realize my question was kind of random and a bit weird. I'm just in a sort of "writing mood" and figured it would've been better to ask if instead of just doing so

  20. The link is the image I promise y'all I don't do link trolling

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