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  • By - 0598

  1. 1 miljoen exemplaren... ze dachten zeker dat het uitverkocht zou gaan worden

  2. Oh wow. And that has a 5% chance of happening every attack roll? Dang.

  3. I've learned about this houserule via the Dungeon Dudes. Our group tried it when I DM'ed, and now it is a staple of all our sessions. It is so nice to feel powerful when you crit. And it is so terrifying if the DM does it

  4. Ik denk dat ik dan ook een Duitser ben. Dit doet mij pijn in mijn hart

  5. I am not a furry, but I enjoy my Puss in Boots type PC. His name is Aryandro, a Hexblade Swords Bard, and I love him

  6. There was this legendary serial killer NPC if I remember correctly

  7. 6 DEC - 31 DEC because we have Sinterklaas

  8. Bökkers, de Staat, Acda & de Munnik, de Dijk, van Dik Hout... moet ik doorgaan?

  9. The webnovel feels empty in comparison to the LN. That is why I stopped reading the WN

  10. What is with these memes where people read the rules. I need more of them!

  11. I've personally never had it, but I know it's commonly called soused herring and it's (I believe) mainly a Dutch/Netherlands thing. I figure if you enjoy sashimi, it can't be much different.

  12. It is a lot different, it is very salty, fishy and fatty. And I can't get enough of it.

  13. I am a month older than Markiplier

  14. I'm new to Overwatch, and I got to say... I love playing as Mercy. Just keeping your team alive to win the match is so satisfying. And Lucio is nice fast paced, walking up the walls is fun

  15. Euhm waarom zie ik hier geen Thuis in het Milieu of Redcats Razende Rekenrace?

  16. Bedankt dat jij mij naar de basisschool brengt met je Thuis in het Milieu

  17. Jealous? 😏 we can switch for a week, but you have to take my kids. I miss my sleep

  18. Dw bro, ill keep giving you a hand job under the bed so you stay hard while you give her oral.

  19. Real bro's help each other out, thanks for the offer!

  20. Ik denk serieus dat hij schizofrenie heeft, of iets in die trant

  21. Ik begin ook deze trend te zien

  22. Ja dit is idd niet waardig genoeg voor deze sub in mijn optiek

  23. I knew there was a sub for this!

  24. For a sec i though OP was dutch because "boos" means angry in dutch.

  25. Replace the turkey with ham and you got yourself a typical Dutch birthdaysnack

  26. Mja, smartlap vind ik niks. Maar het volksmuziek wat uit het oosten van het land komt is dan wel weer vele malen beter. Laatst nog de Bökkers gezien, daar kan ik uren van genieten


  28. Yeah, I have to disagree. The whole hunter's mark buff, 2 handed fighting and cantrips makes me want to play a hunter ranger that does close combat.

  29. The official glasses come with a stand as they can't be freestanding

  30. I have such a glass at home, was a (I believe) 125years anniversary glass. I love drinking Kwak out of it. Thank God I live in the Netherlands, where they sell this beer in supermarkets.

  31. I had that glass! It looked amazing but broke when I moved house, impossible to find now

  32. Yeah, that specific glass is hard to find nowadays. But you can still buy a "regular" glass with wooden standard. In Dutch it is a koetsiersglas, which translates to coach glass.

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