1. I just remember going to see it and thinking it was the better Indiana Jones movie than that Crystal Skull dud which came out a few years earlier. It’s in my top 5 of the MCU.

  2. I don’t think I can eat at a place with a surly Mexican David Schwimmer server

  3. I'm curious to know where Jenny G Wright is now, she is still a star in my eyes.

  4. She actually was living in my old hometown for a while but now I believe she's in the high desert in CA. Very little about her recently on social media.

  5. I'd say Facebook's Editor groups are a pretty good place. And if you are looking for someone in LA feel free to message me - I do this kind of stuff regularly.

  6. I once got a job at a tech company that was sold right before I got there as a temp. Entire floors of offices were empty and the floor I was on was a skeleton crew of me and two ladies who were both ready to jump ship. I ended up helping them with their resumes. Anyway, it was a corner office spot, a view of the city near the ocean and about 20 minutes (and I'm being generous here) worth of work each day. It was some of the strangest six months of my life. Show up, sit down and... nothing. No tasks to get to, nobody to call. I ended up doing a lot of writing since Word was available to me and I would just email myself the pages. I figured that was safe enough but then again - who cared? Ended up getting a real job with daily tasks, etc., which made me appreciate being busy. I'd rather be busy and zip through a day than be trying to stay awake for eight hours bored out of my mind.

  7. I would love to formally invite you to the National Republican Party

  8. This is how contestants at the International Femboy Pageant hold up the signs that tell you where they’re from

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