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  1. I get killed by Tako Chako all the time! The dude is a beast and I feel could be pro 1 day. He sometimes posts on reddit about catching cheaters. I guess he just has that 6th sense about who's cheating, ect.. I heard he's super handsome too and mega rich! Married to a playboy bunny, and can play pubg with his eyes closed! He is, the most interesting man alive!

  2. You cannot trade kills / knocks with bullets in PUBG.

  3. But on my screen, you can clearly see the blood splatter as my bullet hit his head, so my bullet reached its destination. On my screen, I fired a few ms before him, but on his screen, you don't hear my gun shot until after I'm dead.. how can I fire a weapon if I'm dead. So , desync

  4. His headshot registered on the server before yours. You dead. He alive.

  5. It translates the same with every csgo player, they just turn on the strike pack! 😎

  6. So what the recoil just disappears if you shoot it long enough? is what your saying apparently

  7. Don't let them fill your mind with that practice garbage.. you can practice all you want, your still gonna have some amount of recoil.. no matter how good you are. Then you get super lucky days where you even surprise yourself how well you controlled the recoil, Clip it, and post it on reddit. The other 10% of players are straight up using cronus or strike pack.

  8. A lot of players don't play this game because they lose too much play time sitting in the lobby waiting for their friends to finish a game when they've died.

  9. Most console players are just bad.. there’s really not that many Cronus users on pubg on console.

  10. They are most notable after a new map release. Cause you have warzone players who 75% are definitely using some type of anti recoil device coming over to try out the new map. And then you have your ranked players, who about 50% are using some kind of anti recoil device..

  11. This is called the noob effect.. I've been trying to tell people, but nobody listens..

  12. This is a great post and thoroughly vetted think the relevance of the post is that the author of this post is a PubG partner and it is important to have them voice their opinion.

  13. One could argue, that being partner, is as useless and meaningless as the bluechip detector.


  15. I no longer watch choco since he quit pubg. Have no desire to watch him play other games.

  16. FEYD is as straight up as they come. One of the best Xbox pub G players out there

  17. So what your saying is, " why aren't players making it easy for me to kill them , by peeking " ??

  18. Before the shit hit the fan, there were a couple dudes, maybe 1, who was rather close to ground zero. ( watch uper right hand screen ) where did he go?

  19. Beyond annoying that pubg insists on keeping Miramar and Erangel in, while they keep on making new maps with an ever dwindling player base.

  20. This sub tends to be an echo chamber of whatever popular streamers opinion is.

  21. Erangel and Miramar are 2 of the most popular maps. Why wouldn't they keep them in. Pubg's mistake was, making too many small maps. Karakin, paramo, and haven need to be scraped.

  22. This is fake, you didn't just meet these guys.. looks like you've known each other your whole life!! 🧐

  23. I'm not sure what you're getting at? They just did a pretty major graphics update for next gen consoles and now they're running

  24. Yeah, you can't say next generation consoles got a major graphics update, because I have a next gen. Xbox and I got crapped on. But hey, one x players got it so...... fuck me , right?

  25. Yes. Because my main priority is actually being able to get a game, and everyone else seems to love it. So it would be the best thing for the game overall. I'd prefer Erangel myself...

  26. I play solo TPP deston, and I get a game instantly, I'm a FPP preferred member. But everyone plays TPP so I joined their club too.. just play deston until it is not a featured map anymore, same story got posted when Taego came out. The map just needs time to grow on you.

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