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  1. And I guess its important to note that in general, there is no inventory on lots. You're looking at putting a deposit down to reserve a car that has been allocated to that dealer.

  2. Collect a handful of them. Cut them into pieces. Leave a trail from your nearest treeline full of birds to your patio. Train the birds to search them out.

  3. My guess is that when aroused we either enjoy or don't mind smells that we would find disgusting in a normal setting.

  4. My hypothesis is that is related to how much a women sweats. Girls who sweat very little don't have a strong smell, and girls who sweat a lot do.

  5. That water is not a lubricant, and shower sex is not easy

  6. I fundamentally disagree. The data shows clearly that bitcoin is one of the best. In fact I am still (as measured in dollars) gaining from having held bitcoin, having used dollar cost average method. (Despite the "drops," I am still far ahead in light of net gain. [Edit: Just under 1000 percent ahead, still, in my case. I can't say the same for people who just want to buy and sell / get rich quick.])

  7. Seems more like copium than math. BTC is a terrible asset.

  8. MSRP from the mazda website looks to be $30,865. Looks like they took about 1k off since its got a little bit of use. I'd say that's a good deal.

  9. Even the smartest people are often really dumb outside their field. Newton was an alchemist. Pauling promoted supplement pseudoscience. Penrose believed in quantum consciousness.

  10. I knew a really successful statistics phd student who genuinely believed "God's grace" killed the germs on the communion cup at church. This was before covid, not sure if his grace made exceptions for pandemics.

  11. hey now the moskva was an air defense ship... it did its job and took out multiple ukrainian anti ship missiles with its hull

  12. Russia is a land bridged neighbor of ukraine. I think just about everyone thought kyiv would fall within a couple weeks. Nobody could have guessed russia would be this incompetent and make so many mistakes every step of the way.

  13. Think the offensive ground to a halt, just trading artillery rounds

  14. I'd like to think Ukrainians knew all along their real advantage on that front was logistical and the longer the battle draws on the more advantageous it will become. Getting the shit tons of food, fuel, and ammo across that river to hold the line for months on end has to be nearly impossible--not to mention an enormous drain on resources that could be used elsewhere. It's almost in their best interest not to take kherson for a little while.

  15. This 100% General Motors sets the msrp, not the dealer. And FYI the sticker will go up 3000, and the invoice goes up 3200, so I doubt the dealer is happy with it either.

  16. Why does this happen? I put a deposit down for a 2022 car but the dealer told me it'll actually be 2023. Will the dealer actually be taking a small hit if the mspr goes up whlle the mark up stays the same fixed amount as before?

  17. Know the price you're buying it for, any add-ons you do/don't want, and a reasonable APR for the loan before you go in. Don't think solely about monthly payments, since the term can be extended really long to make monthly costs lower but the overall cost way more.

  18. The poop stain came from factory.

  19. When it came time to retire the Suburban, I started looking for

  20. My dislikes for the mazda 3 were space (I'm a large man) and I didn't like the infotainment knob system. Also visibility out the hatch seemed poor. If none of those is an issue it'd be a great buy. I also thought the interior of the civic seemed more sleek/modern than the mazdas (namely the cool ac vents), but that's totally subjective.

  21. Its always been masturbation. That is the point of life.

  22. dalio said 25% more about 3% ago

  23. I wonder whether it is even knowable where "the" field is today... or has the field fragmented into hundreds or thousands of sub-specialties that require a phd to fully grasp? I'vd been following this sub and interested in the philosophy of science for a while but i primarily feel overwhelmed and like the intricacies are incomprehensible to the layman.

  24. That still creates an issue because we don't know who is going to fill the power vacuum left in the breakaway states and how they intend to treat the nuclear arsenal they could inherit. Ukraine willingly gave up the nukes they had when they ussr broke apart in return for a promise of security. I dont see a breakaway state ever taking that deal again.

  25. Cold war 2: The nuclear hobbit. Featuring Kadyrov.

  26. theres always room out back, we burn through fresh meat fast out here

  27. Rates go up, economy slows, rates go down, economy picks up. Its like the moon cycles.

  28. The cargoship as i like to call her

  29. What, 1980 and 1999 all over again? (with a little bit of 2008 thrown in).

  30. The fed is going to cause a recession and because of that he will win in 2024. I guarantee it.

  31. I’ve been looking at local credit unions online but they all seem to have membership requirements. Any suggestions?

  32. A credit union will probably get you the best rate. 6 months ago that might have been 2-3%, but won't be now. Interest rates have gone up.

  33. I agree.. they almost got me. The salesman said he is going to call lenders today to see if he can get better financing rates to help with savings. I have 800+ credit score, so he thinks it will be possible.

  34. That sounds like a lie too. They have a baseline rate they get from the bank that they mark up, sounds like hes going to "check with his manager" again to see if they can just mark the rate up less. Get pre-approved with a local credit union before you go in.

  35. I'm in an unrelated field, but I'm part of a multi-million dollar scientific bigfoot expedition as well. Grant money going to shit science pays my salary. I think complexity is an issue. There's no way for the people in charge of allocating funds to be even remotely competent judges of scientific potential.

  36. Healthcare. Simulation modeling.

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