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  1. I’m not gonna mince words- the issue isn’t the dog. It’s your brother and his insecurity. Tough people don’t need to show you they’re tough. I’d suggest a mental health professional for your brother, so he can address why he feels such a need to outwardly project his masculinity. Frankly, it sounds exhausting being that fragile.

  2. The biggest game changer for me has been Dana K White’s container concept.

  3. If you have health insurance, it might be worth consulting an allergist (your PCP can refer you). I’m very allergic to dust mites, cats, and dogs—and we have all three in our house (also all hardwood floors). I looked into allergy shots and with my insurance it would cost about $600 for the entire course of treatment, which is financially waaaay less expensive in the long run. For now, I take Zyrtec every day and do some specific cleaning: we don’t have AC or any kind of forced air, but cleaning the ductwork and filters could help; a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and vacuuming often (I do a quick sweep twice a week); run a dehumidifier (dust mites love humidity).

  4. Thank you! I had just gotten back from the allergist when I posted this lol. They are running the cost of allergy shots and will call me. It sounds like they are worth it, but the time commitment is so much!

  5. Yeah, the time commitment is the major downside for sure. I hope it turns out to be affordable and highly effective for you!

  6. Pets! But also, allowing it to look like you live in it. I keep things very clean and well decorated, but it’s nice to have things around that are for convenience or comfort. Like blankets and throw pillows on the couch, a couple dog/cat toys on the floor, pictures of the family/friends, notes on the refrigerator

  7. If it’s happening every day, then it’s not normal hairballs. Please see a vet

  8. Cats cough like that for so many reasons (asthma, congestive heart failure, allergies, hairballs that can cause an obstruction if they’re not productive, etc), but if it’s happening every day then you definitely need to see a vet to determine the cause

  9. YES! Specifically before flushing so poopoo-peepee water doesn’t aerosolize all over the bathroom

  10. In addition to what others have said: it could also be a sign of congestive heart failure, please see a vet

  11. Trying to suggest things other commenters haven’t already said: meatballs (usually Italian style—they pair well with pasta, but also great for meatball subs); chili (we do a white chicken chili, and a standard red beef and beans chili); muffins (we do banana chocolate chip, so they’re great for breakfast, but also great for dessert when served warm with vanilla ice cream); frosting/icing (I’ve found that most people don’t notice if you’ve used boxed cake if the frosting is homemade); salsa; smoothies; we also make something we refer to as “garbage bowls”, where we just throw a bunch of stuff that tastes good together into a bowl (one of our favorite combos is: quinoa, meat, black beans, green onions, salsa, avocado, queso. But you could do other things, like: ancient grains, everything bagel seasoning, eggs, avocado, peppers, tomatoes). The “garbage bowls” are nice because they’re super easy to customize, and they can use a lot of the extra stuff in the fridge

  12. I’ve been really happy with our Vera Wang bedsheets and haven’t had that issue on our pillow top mattress or a Purple mattress

  13. I’m also allergic to coconut and it’s so frustrating because sometimes people don’t believe it unless you “prove it”

  14. Like panting? Two of our cats do that when we run them around the house to tire them out. Is that not normal?

  15. Panting is not normal for cats and should always be checked out by a vet

  16. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I hope this new puppy helps you heal and channel all that love into a beautiful new relationship. I had no idea this was a thing for spoos—thank you for sharing so we can all keep an eye out for this.

  17. USE A SWIFFER. I bought a Swiffer dust mop when I lived alone specifically to kill these tiny eldrich nightmares. Now that I have a house, I pay Orkin good money to make sure these and any other leggy bastards don’t even make it into the house; they do a damn good job of it too.

  18. Take her to the vet when you can. If she’s not hacking up hairballs by doing this, then it could be asthma or congestive heart failure

  19. We call them tumbleweeds in our house too! We have a himalayan cat, and we also have a large house with 100-year-old floors. I just bought a Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute (talked with Dyson customer service to figure out which model to get, and they actually suggested a less expensive model than the one I thought I’d need). The Dyson rep said the soft hard floor brush on that model was the best for antique hardwood floors, and that that machine is great for pet hair. I wound up going with a Dyson because so many people on this sub recommended it, and then found out our neighbors who have two dogs and three free roam bunnies also have a Dyson and they’ve never had a problem with hair clogging it. Also, I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one, but I’ve found that using pledge or similar products makes pet hair and dust stick to my floors even more, and everything stays cleaner longer if I just use a dry microfiber cloth to dust; maybe it’s because of the 100-year-old varnish or something🤷‍♀️

  20. “Would you like the list alphabetically or chronologically?”

  21. Definitely don’t put duct tape in the dryer: the adhesive always melts past the edges of the tape surface and will leave a sticky stain. Like others have said, I would suggest taking it to a dry cleaner who can remove the tape and patch it for you. Good luck!

  22. Excuse me, but this cat is illegally smol and should be reported to

  23. Our girl is almost 8 months old. Lots of training can be a fun and productive way to mentally stimulate them. All the basics, obviously, but we’ve done some additional commands that have been super useful (and she seems to really enjoy learning them): “go to mom” means go to my partner, wherever they are; “upstairs” means go upstairs; “with me” means stay at my side whether I’m moving or stationary; “chill” means stop being wiggly; “be right back” means I’m just gone for a few minutes and she doesn’t need to follow me. Next I plan on teaching her how to “clean up”, meaning gather all of her toys and put them in the toy box. We also do scavenger hunts for treats around the house. Our girl loves toys, so she’s happy to spend a good chunk of the day playing with them by herself while we’re working; I usually get her a new toy every month or so to make it exciting. Our girl LOOOVES other dogs and people—doesn’t matter how much we’ve worn her out, if another dog or person comes around, she’ll still get super excited. Maybe it’s that puppy energy

  24. This looks like a bathroom built in The Sims with ‘move objects’ on

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