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  1. Been here since January. Very impressed with the devs. They are 100% committed to making this project a success. I’m not going anywhere.

  2. No coin (that is not hyped by big celebs) will set the woods on fire especially around this time. If they do, the whales will just sell off and dump those coins. Unfortunately we can't do much with whales at the moment. We just need to be resilient and do our part in spreading the word (and not just plain old shilling but understanding the project) so more people will trust us and RBIF.

  3. I agree with your perspective. This is however becoming a much longer investment hold than I originally thought. From here on out it looks like the only coins that will succeed are those that have great utility.

  4. This is all such new technology and everyone wants a piece of the pie. For me with my investments, I look for that potential "game changer" innovation in a project, then I look at the team and the overall sentiment of the community. If everything checks out, I invest. If my thoughts are correct, then it'll pay off. This is what makes the cream of the crop wade through all of the other projects that will fall off, and rise above the pretenders. There has to be a solid foundation to build on and clarity from the team. If that's in place, it'll continue to grow slowly until that day it catches fire and fomo kicks in. That's when the payday comes. This isn't a race. Again, it's all new technology. It takes time for all of these projects to develop. Don't judge them in weeks or months but sometimes years. There's lots of room for many projects to grow. Robowarriors won't be the only millionaires off of this eventual altcoin boom, just one group of many.

  5. Great post. This gives a fresh perspective on the potential direction of such a great project as RBIF. Great project with great marketing most always equals great success. A great project with poor marketing can still mean failure. I hope we are the former and not the latter.

  6. I had the same issue and same concern two weeks ago but increased my slipage to 12% and it worked like a charm😊

  7. Will price automatically accelerate at 3000 holders? Anything magical about 3000 other than the burn? Coin does seem to be stuck in a price rut.

  8. Will price automatically accelerate at 3000 holders? Anything magical about 3000 other than the burn? Coin does seem to be stuck in a price rut.

  9. Okay. Good point. Have not thought about that. I think I have a couple hundred dollars Ethereum so apparently that might’ve be the problem.

  10. Having similar issues. My question is how come you cannot trade RBIF for ETH inside my Coinbase Wallet? I am attempting to do it and it just spins with nothing happening. It says convert on OX API but again it will not process. You can buy crypto all day long but hell I can’t figure out how to convert crypto back to ETH. I’m sure I’m one of thousands having the same issue. Yes I am a newbie to this.

  11. I’m a believer in RBIF too. Still very early with less than 3000 holders and strong dev team.

  12. Yes, please make your point without profanity. That’s what I’ve loved about this group. I can read comments on this site without all the unnecessary uncouth and foul language.

  13. I want to buy more, and believe in it, but whatever this “glitch” is, it needs to get resolved before I will buy more. Tomorrow will be an entire week. What can be so “glitchy” that it takes that long for it to get fixed?

  14. Amen! I can’t have confidence in this project if they can’t fix a stupid glitch. Not good!!!

  15. I have several property and casualty insurance agencies in western North Carolina.

  16. This is very valuable information. This dolphin is hoping to be a whale one day😎

  17. I have recruited three family members and three friends. I tell them right up front that crypto is highly speculative and volatile and please do not invest more than what they can afford to lose. Thus far all of them are very very happy with RBIF. Several of them have recruited others. This might sound a little silly but I’m actually really enjoying watching and following RBIF. It’s actually a form of entertainment for me and I might just hit the motherload with this beautiful project.

  18. It has 9 zeros and about to break one off soon. RBIF is definitely gonna hit! Glad to finally be in on something so early.

  19. I love love RBIF! So happy to be in something with such potential that has 9 zeros! I implore everyone to take a close look at RBIF!

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