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  1. A good team for Diane would be an alt rush team so if you have Rimuru use him or anybody with a very strong ultimate.

  2. Maybe Kyo? I know he’s not unknown, but she gets a buff with other elemental debuffs

  3. Nurse is a bit op, cause of those blinks allowing her to catch u so quickly

  4. Thanks! Will take into consideration. Sadly i only got two more transmogs this season :(

  5. U can always go talk to that synthesizer chick to get more for a character

  6. Yeahhhj,,, its límited to 10 per season... Already got em all

  7. Isn’t this just a battle chariot? What’s so special, am I missing something?

  8. I think rem would help u out, cause a full mono type team isn’t the best

  9. Merlin, Red Head from Re/Zero or Rem, and The One Escanor, those are some tops I see right away

  10. I remember there usually being beefy thralls on the moon, usually to start mini hunts in the area, tho u didn’t get the text, I’ll just have to assume it’s cause it had that exotic and legendary

  11. Getting a shiny poochy before a shiny starter, that’s almost as bad as getting a shiny during the catching tutorial stuff

  12. I remember getting almost a full box of only shiny poochys on emerald in the past, either using sweet scent or a pokeradar(and yes the pokeradar is Diamond and Pearl item, but emerald has 11 different routes of finding poochy, while D&P are breed or transfers)

  13. The hair is 50%and above in ranking and the outfit and gloves r in the boss battle shop

  14. If u read the other comments, you’ll know that’s already known

  15. The worst case of Denial I've ever seen in my life

  16. Think about it, yes they lost the vote, but many immediately regretted it

  17. yup, but people are idiots and think they can park at the corners

  18. hisuian snow anime on pokemon's youtube really captures pokemon arceus way better. recommend

  19. True, tho this is just them having a festival, not them actually going back in time

  20. Basically the match started with Dwight being downed, immediately hooked and teleport to me I picked them up, and a bit later same thing happened, and he also quick moved and finished 3 gens quickly

  21. Well... I live in Europe (Germany), so it never released here in first place. But maybe it will be available in Scarlet/Violet for everyone :)

  22. That sucks man. Yeah I do wish they had universal events, it's not like it's hard to do anymore. Does Germany not get many code events?

  23. U can’t use it in competitive, but if u don’t plan to, ur fine to use it

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