1. Bolt or semi? ar15 or pre accutrigger Savage 110/10 if you want to do the work yourself. Remington 700 if your paying for work

  2. I was thinking of a bolt action but there are so many options it is just confusing.

  3. Sorry for not being more clear in my post. I thought since I posted in longrange that would be the intended use. In any case, I will be using it for longrange targets only, no hunting whatsoever.

  4. I read your sticky, I found it very informative and helpful. All these models here are thought to have controlled round feed action. I will be using one of them as a starting point to build a very specialized rifle for the range over many years.

  5. Sorry I forgot to add Remington Model 798 to the list.

  6. No. The 600 is more like a Sako style, 3 lug deal except it’s got two rows of 3 lugs so… kinda 6 lugs.

  7. So it is still a Mauser type, controlled round feed, right?

  8. A straight-pull bolt-action is intended for faster follow-up shots. That's something more for hog hunting than long-range shooting. That makes it a very expensive rifle for no point. For the same price, a Bergera HMR or Tikka will do much better.

  9. I am right handed and want to put the bolt handle on the left side. This way my right hand never leaves the stock plus my eye has been where it should be all time when I shoot. I tried a left handed rifle but due to the bolt handle moving up and toward you, your eye leaves the scope. A straight pull left handled rifle should solve this.

  10. Same barrel, same trigger, different action.

  11. Does that mean the extra that you pay for Sako is due to its action? Do the differences in action (smoothness, durability, ease of repair...) justifies the price difference? I realize this is more of a personal choice, but I am asking objectively (ROI).

  12. Objectively a $300 Ruger American will shoot close enough to both to be the better buy per dollar spent. That doesn't mean the Sako or Tikka aren't worth it. If you can swing either financially, go with whichever feels better in your hand and might better fit its intended use.

  13. I heard that some models of Ruger have barrel nuts just like Savage, hence making barrel change easy. Do you know which Ruger model has that?

  14. Sportsmans warehouse sells barreled actions and bare R700 base actions with no barrel(at this time they are not currently in stock), as do many other retailers. You can buy and have them shipped to an FFL.

  15. There, Savage rifles brand new are around $350. Not a bad deal for a new rifle which then I can change parts and upgrade.

  16. Since this is my first time, I prefer a barreled action to make it easier. A cheap rifle would be okay too.

  17. That is not normal. The follower should be able to come all the way down so the pin can be removed to disassemble the magazine. Something is preventing the follower from moving all the way down into the body. First check that there is not something in the body preventing the follower from moving further or the spring from compressing. If not there could be some kind of damage to the magazine body that is stopping it from moving further or the spring is binding up. It is tough to tell from the description and a couple of photos. You are probably just going to have to force the follower down as that is the only way to disassemble the magazine to really inspect what is going on. I would use on of the tools used to help load buckmark and ruger mark series magazine to help put more pressure on the pin and force the follower down to the bottom notch and nock the pin out so I could get it apart. At that point whatever was stopping it should be broken of pretty obvious.

  18. Sorry for not being more clear in my first post. The knob and the follower they come all the way down without any problem. However, even when I pull the follower all the way down I cannot push in the 8th round. I disassembled the magazine and visual inspection of the inside does not show any deformity and distortion. Inside looks perfect and smooth. It has become a mystery to me.

  19. That does not make any sense. If you put one round in the magazine and pull the follower all the way down, does that one round stay on the follower?

  20. The single round stops where the 7th round would be with the follower all the way down. I am just mystified since logically it make no sense at all. If the follower goes down all the way, then I should be able to push 10 rounds which is not the case.

  21. If your follower goes all the way down, then your magazine should hold the stated capacity. I see that you have already posted a photo with 7 rounds. Can you not pull the follower button down and get three more in? But it goes all the way down otherwise?

  22. There is no problem with the follower. Even when it contains 7 rounds I can pull down the the knob and the follower all the way but I cannot push in round number 8. From visual exam the inside of the magazine looks smooth and no distortion at all. It has become a mystery.

  23. Maaaan i have so many problems now with my buckmark. Ive sunk so much money into it. Im bummed just reading about another buckmark issue.

  24. Thanks God the only problem I have is with the magazine. Furthermore, I have six magazines and this one is not the original one that came with the gun.

  25. Tikka is a brand by Sako. Sako is owned by Beretta. Tikka rifles are made in Sako factory in Riihimäki, Finland.

  26. Thanks for the information. I don't care about ownership, just about where it is made.

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