1. Anthony has been the perennial Australian second place the ONA comp machinery has a pretty tight grasp on ASCA and puts an obscene amount of money in to winning AUS comps to advertise their shitty products. Glad Anthony finally won, funny that the one time ONA don't win an AUS competitor actually does well.

  2. This one right here officer! Haha definitely agree. I have loved ONA in the past. But lately feels very overdone/rushed for the sake of making money. At the expo for these championships, the Axil and St. Ali coffees were really good, all the flavour notes were there and well extracted. The ONA coffee was rushed, muted and a bit of a let down :(

  3. Maybe Aussie bias, but Anthony's routine came across as more genuine and enjoyable than Morgan. Was the portafilter not going in smoothly that messed with her nerves? I found the smashing of the cups a nice bit of theatre.

  4. Yeah, she had a big pause where the portafilter wouldn’t go in, her hands were shaking quite a lot and on her first shot pull the coffee was running down the outside of the cup and pooled on the scales. Otherwise, her talking and presentation was flawless and very well rehearsed.

  5. I started seeing my WiFi not accepting new clients. Then if I rebooted my AP it would sit in “Disconnected” status until I reset it and re-adopted.

  6. For anyone else that ends up here, I worked it out. Here’s my best attempt at explaining it.

  7. Please never buy anything like this from Bunnings 😬

  8. Ah, ok. Trouble is, I’m new to this and not sure if I need a tonne of soil or even a half tonne. I don’t have a trailer. Delivery can be expensive from landscaping place. I was just hoping for a few bags to address some minor divots :)

  9. Problem is that they are only trying to make money and don't keep their stuff well

  10. Thanks. I’ll contact a local landscaper/landscaping business and try my luck.

  11. https://www.lss-mods.com/product_details.phtml/560_upper_cooking_racks_2

  12. Took me all of 10-15 minutes to swap over to 2 x Noctua NF-A4x20 fans. It’s now honestly silent. Works well controlled by an OC200 here.

  13. Do you have a v2? Just curious and for how long have you been running it. I personally run a vm on esxi cluster with omada software controller.

  14. Sorry, yes. V2. Recently purchased. 2-3 weeks. Solid with no hiccups or issues so far!

  15. About to replay KOTOR 2, are blasters fun as a main weapon? More so than lightsabers?

  16. Either option can be fun. KOTOR2 added some features that bring parity between lightsabers and blasters. In the first game, blasters were definitely the weaker option. (Could still be fun, but mainly as a “challenge” option.) In the sequel, the addition of the Precise Shot series of feats and a whole lotta crafting options transforms blasters into face-melting awesomeness.

  17. Thanks! I’ll give blasters a try then! Keen to experience it really.

  18. Then you can just remove suricata logs after midnight. Then plan your Elasticsearch index. You can keep them in hot state for instance for 14 days, then in cold state for 3 months. And, of course, remove them after the cold state. If you do not have any compliance requirements, I suggest you to to keep them limited to what degree of info you need.

  19. They differ a lot. Security Onion is a well integrated solution with several open source projects. The only con is that the versions of different software it uses are not up do date. It's normal as integration takes time.

  20. I thought something was up with my barista pro..shots are sour. Never have I ever not been able to make a good coffee, tried everything with this machine, IMS filter, screen, water, temp, grind... All tastes the same.. sour. Don't get black btw, the paint is paper thin and has come off after 2weeks around drip tray. I did think it wasn't hat after the fact I can put my finger under the shower and not pull away. Sick of cold sour coffee. Hope I get refunded.. doubt it though

  21. Nope, Dual Boiler. It’s a step down from Oracle. But paired with a nice grinder. It’s awesome.

  22. Not usually accurate because it sits higher and away from the meat. If you can, clip a temperature probe on the shelf next to the meat.

  23. >!i guess if you have the quest with the missing youth that’d save you

  24. Yeah. I’m playing through again on the Switch and completely forgot about this mission. Luckily you can return to the base later. Phew!

  25. Yep, sure can. However you got in the first time. Just go back to that and you’ll get back in. I hadn’t

  26. Surely this cannot be the only reason given the render farms they have available.

  27. I rarely play 1/2. Built my roll playing 1/2 nl a few years ago. Switched to PLO a little over a year ago.

  28. OP, how easy is it to setup this Grafana dash? Especially the in and out on all virtual interfaces.

  29. Looks like a really good bark and finished meat!

  30. It’s there but not as much as I’m used too. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain and was used to that amount of smokey flavour and a pellet smoker has a less pronounced smoke flavour.

  31. I did Smokeboost for 1 hour and then it took another 9 hours @ 275F with Weber Hickory. This pic was after a flip as I started it on fat cap up. Took it naked up to 190F then wrapped it and then let it come to 205F. Rested it for 30 minutes. It sliced easily. I should have took final pics but completely forgot. It was awesome. Smoke ring, not dry, and my family of 3 finished it off. It was a small brisket to start. Prices high here that even buying it from Costco was $25. You can tell from the pan (12”x9”) it was a small one but I forgot the weight as I intentionally purchased based on being the smallest in the case. If I had to rank it, I’d say an 7/8 out of 10.

  32. Yes, smoke flavor. But, as a lot of SF user say, they don’t get enough flavor as expect. I think it is that pellets have so much binder to hold their shape you have enough actual wood. I think all pellet grills would be that way. Personally I like my SF. But I am not after an overpowering smoke flavor; just enough to know it wasn’t cooked with gas or an oven. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that there is no smoke flavor, just my personal taste. You should try to find someone near that has one and taste test. Before my SF I had a smoker that used wood chunks. It certainly did produce more smoke flavor but I am fine with my pellets now. YMMV

  33. That’s a really helpful explanation and idea. Thank you a lot.

  34. Surely it would be to hide your WAN IP from the receiving side. To make it much harder to track where the device is located.

  35. Hey! Fellow Aussie! Nice setup, love the BDB 😍

  36. I migrated from Unraid to Proxmox. I used to have 20+ containers running on Unraid.

  37. Cheaper option would be to run two controllers. Not ideal but cheaper.

  38. Yes. My 11 Pro Max will lag up and some apps unresponsive. Screen has been replaced. Happened before and after.

  39. I really don’t want to get a new phone but it’s 1 of the reasons that’s definitely annoying me now. It can’t be a software issue otherwise other devices would be experiencing this too, there’s definitely something faulty with some of the 11 series devices.

  40. Yeah. It happens maybe once per month for me. Just enough time that I forgot it’s a thing, until one time an app just completely stops till I lock or force reboot.

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