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  1. Commit to a build as best you can, preferably with a survivable frame that has synergy with a “meta” weapon. Look up (recent) builds, get the mods, forma as needed, and go to town. If you need a few suggestions, rhino, revenant and Titania are frames I remember using when I was at this point. Cedo, Trumna, acceltra, Corinth, and nataruk are a few weapons I’d recommend too, if you can get them.

  2. Catching dodges, punishing bashes, capitalizing on wiffed attack recoveries, feinting from unblockables, reading full guard stances, reading deflects, and probably some other things I can't think of rn. Guardbreaks got a little worse when everyone got a dodge attack but they're still a fundamental mechanic.

  3. How / where do you get that chest / those boots ? I honestly can't recall those ones so I'm not sure if I'm missing them or they're within the depths of my collections

  4. Moonfang is one of the two armor sets that drop from prophecy, the other being the Coda set.

  5. ah , okay ! Haven't done prophecy much since I got xeno so that makes sense . Def gonna try to grab at least those two pieces of the set , your titan looks incredible 👌

  6. Actual question: why run tusk without the mini fire trap T2? It is still worth using at that point? I don’t actually know.

  7. Good question, i was changing my feats before the match and i ran out of time

  8. The best I’ve ever seen is Florida Woman

  9. The bash nerf was a healthy change and it probably wouldn’t have made a difference here, but just seeing that poor bastard do a flaccid input that literally did nothing but remove his guard could make a tin can cry.

  10. Like my fellow bp main said above, the window is smaller than most people think, it takes some getting used to.

  11. Posting chat logs violates one of this sub’s rules iirc so this might get taken down, but like every other post this dude is just salty he lost to a mid hero and is making excuses. I feel bad for these people tbh.

  12. Since people already mentioned the Cuirass ornament, I’ll just point out the mark. Pretty sure it’s from the Nemean set in the eververse archive.

  13. Lets talk for a second about how devices get to the internet on wifi.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to write all that out, it’s a lot easier to understand the process now.

  15. I’ve had the same issue on my warden, it seems to trigger after executions and sometimes emotes. Honestly I just equipped a different effect, I’m tired of dealing with audio bugs.

  16. Learn to utilize the hyper armor to make good trades, be patient with your openers, and mix up everything all the time.

  17. It’s been a while since I did it but there are certain weird mechanics you can abuse.

  18. After 900 hours we have the right to explain why we hate it and will be back tomorrow

  19. But if Pirate misses her grab she can follow up with a heavy which is armored

  20. Which is powerful yes but that isn’t guaranteed either. One is a mid-chain grapple, the other is a bash that leads into a heavy finisher and nothing else. They’re both a gamble in different ways, one is just higher risk for higher reward. Pirate’s grapple is a lot safer because it doesn’t guarantee as much damage if it lands.

  21. I mean pirate's is arguably stronger especially since it's armored and she can throw a side heavy and isn't locked to a top heavy and shoalin's sweep can be dodge and can followup with a heavy even on whiff so the logic doesn't match here

  22. The logic is that gryphon has an unreactable bash that leads to higher damage and an execution so it has a larger punishment if it misses. Pirate’s grapple is safer because is guarantees a pistol shot and nothing else. Shaolin’s sweep is telegraphed and reactable, which is why he can feint it, and when it does land the follow up, just like Pirate’s, isn’t guaranteed to land any damage. They are different moves with different properties that lead to different damage values.

  23. The real gift was the civilian casualties he made along the way

  24. The drop rates are just really terrible, it’s nothing you’re doing wrong. You do have to win to get them, plus ornaments are generally the only thing that isn’t dependent on the hero you’re playing to drop. Colors, patterns, embossings, and effects all usually drop for the hero you’re playing when you win, but not ornaments. Some people are lucky and get them easily, most people aren’t. Just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually.

  25. That’s a post from the Dead by Daylight sub, so I think they’re talking about Bloodpoints, that game’s currency.

  26. Thanks for trying to answer my question but I don’t mean like the level of armor (common, rare, legendary, diamond) I’m talking about like rare exclusive armor sets or execution from a limited time game mode

  27. I mean you called them rare and exclusive yourself so probably but it depends on what you’re talking about specifically. Metal trials stuff? Yeah sure. Battle pass stuff? Maybe not so much, especially more recent ones.

  28. It’ll probably be better if I made a list of what I think is considered rare and hopefully you could help..

  29. As far as I can remember people USED to run those effects all the time when they were released but don’t anymore. So veteran players probably have them but don’t use them as much because of how much stuff has come out since then.

  30. It’s probably because the animation isn’t synced up with the indicator at all. You can see which direction the attack is coming from way before the indicator shows up.

  31. Ik u can light buts vs a good orochi he can parey u easaly. This shouldt be the case indicator should be synced this is just a safe braindead move

  32. Highlander also has janky indicators that don’t always line up with his animations. Unfortunately it’s just the way it is and you’ll have to keep practicing if you want to start parrying it on reaction. A good orochi shouldn’t be spamming it over and over.

  33. Yes. Everyone thinks this. Wu Lin have much less in every department let alone maps and then the outlanders started existing so they’ll probably never get what they deserve.

  34. Typically it’s only noticeable or doable at all with certain attacks on certain heroes. On warden and Warmonger, for example, their heavies can be delayed by literally just delaying the input a little.

  35. To see if you would do the impale punish like Apollyon wanted instead of tapping him in the face four times

  36. Heh thought about it, to be honest I wanted to see if he would react to me doing the same thing over and over like he was doing

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