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  1. Where do we see that they called it that? Is it in the Bible?

  2. Sales 100%. You get to golf while you are at work. I can play 36 holes in a day if I want. Like my first boss said to me, I don’t care if you drink in the parking lot all day, as long as you hit your number. Plus I’m going to golf on the weekend with my buddies and I can get hammered and not worry about having to go to a bartending job like some of the humps in this thread would suggest. Plus I make as much money as two or three bartenders.

  3. Work in tech. Very flexible and get paid well. Find the right company/manager and you’ll work 25 hours a week, make good money, and have flexibility to get a round or 2 in during the week

  4. Can you get into it without an engineering or CS background?

  5. Pro choice is having the choice. Others may need that choice (ectopic pregnancies and situations of [email protected]/incest), but if you don't want an abortion don't feel like you're required to have one.

  6. Nope. It’s just clever marketing. If you are pro choice you are PRO some people aborting their child. It doesn’t matter how you dress up the terminology, pro choice is pro abortion.

  7. Then why doesn't every pro choice woman get an abortion the second they're pregnant? /gen

  8. Bc they dont want to? They’re still PRO other people getting them. IE, pro abortion. Good try, though.

  9. Per Google. Sprouts Grocery Store, and 100s of other places

  10. "No attempt to spark controversy" whilst I post a photo that denigrates a profession. Take it elsewhere.

  11. I am all for suing and the police and vet encouraged it, but we know the owners brother and know she has zero assets and depends on her son to pay all the bills. I still intend to send a certified letter with copies of the vet bills and request she pay. Even if it’s just something. She will have misdemeanor charges though for sure and if (hopefully when) the dogs are removed she will have to pay for the 3 day evaluation and if they are euthanized she will get that bill too. At the end of the day bare minimum I want is my big boy healthy again and to never see those shit head dogs ever again.

  12. I would make sure those dogs are euthanized, just to ensure other smaller dogs OR A CHILD isn't killed. Dogs like that need to be destroyed before a person is hurt.

  13. Have you found anything yet? I run estimates day in and day out. And I just discovered remarkable2. This would be an amazing tool. But I have the same concerns of it slipping out of my hand and breaking. It will probably require a custom fabricated rubberized encasement. Otterbox would do well if they brought it to market.

  14. So do we know what pens fit the refill yet? I’m struggling to find one.

  15. The Wacom One is slightly less slippy than the ceramic nib and the pen is much lighter (I actually prefer the weight of the standard pen but the BUTTON!!! :)

  16. Wait, the docs you’re writing in dont automatically sync to the cloud?

  17. Nice switch. I am curious on what sells people on remarkable over Supernote. What does rM do better?

  18. From reading this thread it seems the UI and writing experience are better with RM2.

  19. First year is on campus, I think. Either way, find some good clubs to join to meet people and make friends. Greek life is a good idea, too, if that's for you. There are LOTS of great people and you'll make a lot of friends if you stay open minded and extend yourself. I met my wife and my best friends to this day (10years later) at Tech and the network is still paying dividends to me today. Guns Up, Red Raider!

  20. I asked the apartment question for like the near future whenever I finish my first year there. Thank you that means a lot

  21. I've been gone for too long (graduated in 2011) to speak to the apartment situation currently, but I can tell you that it's much better close to campus. The best option is to find a couple friends and rent a house in Tech Terrace, just south of campus. There's a trolley route that takes you on campus and the area is a ton of fun. It is infinitely better than living in an apartment and pretty comparable in price.

  22. Getting and then winning a bowl game was INCREDIBLE to begin with, but the fact that it was that whiney alcoholic leach, truly delicious!

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