1. As I'll explain, there's a simple principle that can help in a number of ways, including enjoying the things you like. Psychologists call it shaping. Most of us call it baby steps.

  2. First, I'll give you the kind of advice nearly everybody will give you. Nobody becomes a new person overnight, improvement comes with patience and persistence.

  3. If you were diagnosed with mild depression, it would not be something for you to overlook, because a mild case can get worse.

  4. "I used to be a fairly social and popular guy"

  5. The recovery rate for people who get help for their PTSD is good. However there are stories in which people say that they were re-traumatized by therapy. If at any time you feel that your therapy is making things worse, you can put a stop to it then and there.

  6. I have information about panic disorder here.

  7. There's a variety of things that can help with mood disorders. I have advice from experts about standard treatments and the self-help recommended by experts, and you're welcome to click on my name and read.

  8. Actually now that you mention it the only music or sounds I love is spa music. Like meditation music and if there’s a pan flute involved I’m in heaven. I listen to it in the bath or at bedtime and it really soothes my soul. Maybe this is enough for me right now.

  9. 3 1/2 hrs. no commercials. and it's good -

  10. I suggest talking with your parents about this. I say that knowing that parents are often reluctant to see depression in their children.

  11. She text me saying "you get really angry when I care about you."

  12. Yeah I think you are right. At that point I had been doing 60 hour weeks and was really tired. She knew this and had just given me some support and been nice but I kept on being snappy with her.

  13. Of course, this is something you want to talk about with a therapist, but I'll mention some simple things that will do you no harm and might help.

  14. When you talk about your sadness, lack of energy, and irritability about things that shouldn't get you upset, it really seems that you're talking about depression. Hating yourself because you ran out of eggs is another thing.

  15. I would ask someone at the center. I don't know what the law is in your country.

  16. If you can't see a therapist, self-help is better than nothing. A lot of people benefit from it. Self-help is a way to show you're serious that doesn't create friction in the family. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if your parents liked some healthy changes in your behavior.

  17. "Sleep researchers conclude that, in most cases, sleep paralysis is simply a sign that your body is not moving smoothly through the stages of sleep. Rarely is sleep paralysis linked to deep underlying psychiatric problems."

  18. What someone said about very aggressive thinking. It's OK to say you're very angry - we all get angry sometimes.

  19. It really seems that you're depressed, and I hope that you'll talk with your parents about this. I say that knowing that parents often fail to see depression in their children.

  20. We're in no position to diagnose, but I think I should say that the definition of post-traumatic stress disorder is difficulty coping in daily life because of past trauma.

  21. The important thing is that you're safe.

  22. The reason why I think you should get help is not that I think you're going to kill somebody but because you're very badly depressed. I'll say more about that.

  23. Forgot to mention, they’ve only gotten worse since I turned 18, which is I guess another reason I’ve been paranoid, I don’t know what it is, I can’t explain it. Regardless thank you.

  24. It really seems that you're depressed. What I'm wondering about is what has brought this on. I know that assembly line work is not the most fun in the world, and maybe what you need is another job.

  25. Most people with anxiety disorders do better with therapy (CBT) than with medicine, and some are successful with self-help based on CBT. I can show you some CBT self-help but first I want to say that recently there has been very impressive evidence for therapeutic breathing.

  26. If you can't afford therapy, it's still a good idea to get a diagnosis. Medication and the self-help recommended by therapists can be effective, but you want to know what you're dealing with instead shooting in the dark.

  27. Psychiatrists say that people with health anxiety suffer from general anxiety. I'll say more about that but first this about panic disorder.

  28. thank you very much, this helps more than you know, unfortunately breathing exercises while panicking just make me feel worse, this might honestly just be a mental block though because i can never fully commit to a breathing exercise without giving up. thank you for this. i will read through this each time i’m getting panicky :)

  29. As Dr. Carbonel points out in his video, a lot of people get the breathing wrong. There's also the approach to breathing tested by Meuret at Southern Methodist. Of course, there are other things.

  30. There is a simple answer to your question. When students get bad test scores, it makes teachers look bad, so teachers say that good grades are everything. Americans have a saying. Perhaps you know it - "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

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