1. "Things I once enjoyed just keep me employed now"

  2. Either singing to Britney's "Lucky" or crying because of a typhoon. Idk which one came first. But those two are the only memories I have from the first city I lived in. I have transferred to numerous places since then.

  3. I feel like listening to NFR by Lana and Punisher by Phoebe today.

  4. Ana jud na basta dako ang community. Mas dghan toxic. Lately naga.enjoy ko sa

  5. Oooof. I know this should be a separate post of my own, pero baka pwede comment ko nalang.

  6. Discipline lang OP. Always pay in full before the due date then di ka magkakaproblema.

  7. Im a sucker for rougelite survivor games. Really wanna watch more of this. And also Brotato. Sad it was short-lived.

  8. Rookie duties. I think you should just enjoy it nalang OP. Ako nga eh, ako ung pinakabagong member sa unit namin nung 2019. Tapos ang pakulo sa Christmas that time is 'Miss Gay'. Tang ina, I hated every part of it. I still cringe everytime I remember it (I cringe while typing this comment). Buti nga sa inyo musical number lang. Pwede ka magpalikod lang. Yung mga talented sa harap. Kaya mo yan OP. Konting kembot2 lang.

  9. If you just hid your name, it could be a nice, commendable post.

  10. A lot of people will think this is cold but I will say it anyway. Leave toxic people, regardless kung ano pa sila sayo. Bestfriend, bff, bf/gf, kapatid, kamag-anak, family whatever. We don't allow ourselves to grow if we let these people influence our lives negatively.

  11. Naremember ko ung nabasa ko dati. Something like:

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