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  1. Is Sanguinesti staff worth it? I would need to sell other gear to buy that, or is trident fine? Cox, Toa, Zulrah...

  2. Getting Sang for CoX was huge QoL upgrade to me. Not in the damage sense, but you’ll start noticing the heals instantly when you buy it. Nothing feels better taking a hit and instantly healing on a 46 in chambers or ToA. It’s probably not worth if you’re just looking at the stats damagewise but man do I love the passive healing.

  3. Gratz man, what Invocations were you running? I’m slowly inching towards 425 myself.

  4. About how many Sara brews/restores should you be taking for a 300 ToA?

  5. Consider taking a bloodfury and you’ll can have runs where you barely need any. I’m currently running 350’s with 4 brews and basically only brew during Akkha. It’s nice to have some backup brews for cumphase but there’s lots of raids where I end up saving 3 out of my 4 brews and using the Nectars instead.

  6. Im grinding out TOA, my current drawbacks is my ranged gear. Currently using karils top/bottom and dragon crossbow alongside dragon ruby bolts.

  7. Arma is such a minir upgrade that it’s almost never worth it if it’s not the last upgrade you need. Crystal bow and armor will be an insane dps upgrade instead albeit a lot more expensive.

  8. Zaterdag is de mooiste dag van de week!

  9. If I bring in a per and die in ToA without Hardcore invo on, do I lose the pet or is it only on wipes/HC invo deaths?

  10. Yeah getting Masori backpack felt like an actual achievement rather than being lucky and rng falling my way.

  11. For afk slayer you might as well use a 3m whip to be 90% as effective as a 110m rapier.

  12. I believe it’s even better than Lance at Vork when you’re Clawing over BGS/Hammer.

  13. I had to reread 3 times because it first looked like some broken English sentence.

  14. Chase the Chicken 3. An event in which a golden chicken has to be found using several clues, hence the infinite coins which could be potentially used as golden chicken feed.

  15. Close, but it’s actually Chuck the Chompy 3. An event where players compete to see who can use the clue’s to find out where to toss them.

  16. Koopmeiners doet het ook heel goed in Italië volgens mij, maar zijn ze niet een beetje dezelfde type spelers? Beide goed met de bal aan de voet en het verdelen/verplaatsen van het spel? Heb het idee dat zij elkaar niet per se echt goed aanvullen. Hiermee wil ik niet zeggen dat Koopmeiners momenteel niet de beste optie is maar denk dat Frenkie wel beter werkt met een type de Roon (in vorm) naast zich.

  17. This is the exact reason I’m an avid left-control holder when attacking, so I don’t sprint to Narnia on a misclick like this.

  18. is there a way for Dusk to not throw me against the wall on the last phase trapping me in the fire?

  19. Nope, it’s rng. There’s always one space open against a wall as well where you don’t take damage.

  20. Lance price drop is mostly because everyone is selling of their non-ToA PvM items to get BiS ToA gear.

  21. https://gyazo.com/4e845fec8b187368c5416919839d7149

  22. You could try turning your chat to non see-through? Having it on the solid background might help.

  23. Reasons: reliable cash-cow, spirit trees around the map, fairy ring + spirit tree in POH, grow Hespori for combat achievements, alternative herb sack unlock (tithe farm vs. slayer), pet

  24. Farming used to be my guaranteed bond-maker. It’s definitely worth it and very affordable if you use the right seeds.

  25. I wouldn't make that assumption tbh. You can push 300 without any paths or insanity fairly easily. I think it's largely down to preference, a lot of people still do not like paths though that may change with more confirmation that the increased HP boosts drop rates.

  26. Yeah I’m currently running 280’s without Insanity, any paths and Ancient Haste.

  27. De Wraptastic van Fransje was zeker wel goed. Ik kon deze ook in Pokemon kaarten betalen.

  28. Ik quote Fransje nog wekelijks en ben er trots op. ‘Stat u ook altijd zo te kutte met oe vrête?’

  29. I thought I had a good deal with Scythe being 470, it’s not been over 415 since I got it.

  30. I despise the BABA puzzle room. I can finish all the other bosses and puzzle rooms without using hardly any brews. But that puzzle room gets me. I have bowfa, fang, and toxic trident and I still don’t seem to hit those monkeys accurately.

  31. Bring freezes+blood spells and you’ll always leave full hp.

  32. Tired of dying at Akkha? I was too. I haven't died from Akkha orbs in about 25 expert runs so far.

  33. Adren left for Zebak? What room order u running?

  34. Wat verwacht je dan als je die gasten direct na de wedstrijd interviewt? Als dit gevolgen heeft zul je straks clubs wel twee keer laten nadenken over interviews en krijg je alleen maar 20 minuten later politek correcte antwoorden.

  35. That little synchronized kick he does with one of his players is so iconic haha only cholo

  36. That’s why it all looks so honest and real, he is acutally living the moment and not just putting up some act.

  37. With a bit of imagination 141 spells out ‘lul’

  38. How many of y’all are thinking about fucking with walk the path now?

  39. I’m pretty sure we have to now, at least to hit expert. I’ve comfortably been running 250’s pre-patch, only needing Insanity to go to Expert. Step will be a bit bigger now because you basically need to have one of the path invocations. Which is a fair change imo, considering it was largely ignored.

  40. Is Akkha supposed to be swapping attack styles 6 times in a row at at Warden P3, without attacking once in between? This can’t be intentional right? I’m all for having it be random, but it feels like a bug to not have him attack for 15s straight because he just keeps alternating attack styles.

  41. Does this also fix the disappearing Ambrosia/Adrenaline bug? Because up until yesterday I still had those potions disappearing when using the resupply button.

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