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  1. Yep and now I have Complex PTSD and massive hyper vigilance I'm trying to heal as an adult.

  2. Your english skills suck…what do you want to say?

  3. We have been sending them some money though as we have been propping up their economy so it doesn’t collapse (according to CSIS, we have given Ukraine 68 billion in economic aid).

  4. And that money gets deposited to “FTX” to be recycled to the DNC, of course just a cut for the Big Guy.

  5. Did you type all this with a straight face? Fucking hilarious.

  6. This is better than the “Uncle Fester” Meme

  7. Unfortunately, this article has nothing to do with actual voting fraud, just a Democrat cheating on nominations for who gets to run in their corrupt primary.

  8. Is election fraud a better “word” for ya?

  9. Trump is one of the most obvious Russian assests outside of the Republican's who went on July 4th to Moscow to meet with Putin. If you can't see it due to Faux "news" then I feel sad for you op.

  10. “Oh….you thought it was forgotten”?

  11. Even if the Bidens were exposed as the worst criminals on earth, would democrats really care? These people knowingly elected a brain dead puppet, so would they really give a damn about criminality?

  12. Either literally dead or Uncle Fester dead?

  13. Trumps over reacted to covid and his policies of encouraging lockdowns caused more damage to this country than covid did.

  14. Why did Blue States continue the “Lockdown” after Trump left office? Red States were opening (i.e. conservative states)

  15. that should really fix inflation. good job guys!

  16. This could lead to removing people who are in the way of bringing inflation under control.

  17. Spot on, except uncle Fetter could put together a coherent sentence.

  18. Ummm the reason…..to pay the Big Guy…..silly…..

  19. Convenient since FTX gig is up?????distraction?

  20. A potato…..really? You couldn’t find a better candidate? JOE 2.0….LETS GO “FRENCH FRIES”!

  21. Wow, OP, I usually clean up behind my pets, and watch where I walk???

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