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  1. Yeah then explain me how to beat the best yone in the world 100% of the time if you are so good and please tell me a strat that works for at least 10 champions since there is a chance 9 of them are banned (okay just kidding about the last part).

  2. Yone is an assassins which means he struggles agaisnt bruisers. If you want to stop assassins just play the likes of AP gragas, Darius, olaf, fiora etc. The only way he beats these champs is if he's fed or has a lot of objectives. Which at that point it's not about yone being op or unbeatable. Literally any assassin will mop olaf or fiora if they have 4 drags and or a 4k gold lead.

  3. Darius stacks hp and armor items. With his level of sustain and quick silver enchant to avoid ult knock up, I don't see how yone beats a really proficient darius.

  4. Ranked is pvp with exception that your most hated champs get banned. Players are still trash, still toxic and your still going to have bad games. Atleast you can now perma ban vayne

  5. The motivational speaker, the ancient god, the slayer of slayers, the 2069 champion of ballin' tournament of Brazil, aka Rammus.

  6. I second this. I recently loss to an 801 games 61% win rate Rammus. I was in emerald but all my teammates were diamond. Rammus is so broken I don't even get it, he basically just sat there and let you hit him. All the dmg you take comes from thornmail and his abilities. Enemies essentially kill themselves while he sits there with 500+ armor.

  7. It’s MMR. If you get on a win streak, your MMR will spike higher than your rank, leading to harder games (good opponents, bad teammates).

  8. But why doesn't the game give you players with similar mmr? I get so many teammates with 46%-49 win rate. How is it even possible to be emerald or diamond with like that?

  9. MMR and winrate aren’t the same thing and don’t match.

  10. It still blows my mind there's no backplay option. Am I not enabling something in the settings because that's straight up ridiculous.

  11. I still think you can leash krugs. The big rock usually dies last so hitting it once allows it to die when the small rock does. It's right next to the lane so you don't lose anything.

  12. As a junger Constantly. Unless I ping dragon and my adc back ports or team is flaming me cuz they're 0-5. In which case I ignore it completely and afk farm.

  13. Lee sins recent skin. The skin itself is legendary. The animations are on the level of 990 skins. Even Diana's lunar goddess skin has better animations and it only cost 725. Almost half the dam price.

  14. Yes. I've come to the realization that ranked is just as bad as pubs but you can ban your most hated champion.

  15. A test to see is you're rude: would you ban a 2000 game,chalanger jhin jungle. yes or no?

  16. That's an extreme example. If you have to reach that far to prove a point, is the point worth proving?

  17. Don't know what you mean by major buffs but naut was received like 5 buffs in recent patches. So has pyke.

  18. Jungle is my second choice so if I'm not mid its that

  19. On top of 120 fps ipad pro has a 120hrz monitor which makes a massive difference. It's a huge step up from the air which is 60 hrz monitor. Worth the money, best device within the category of mobile devices imo.

  20. ????? 120 fps isn’t 120 fps without the 120 hz screen anyway

  21. Yeah yeah my bad I thought they were separate when I wrote it

  22. Best carry champs are evelyn and lee sin. You can also try diana, olaf and shyvana. What ever lane you play make sure you have options for both AD and AP. I'd recommend Eve, olaf and diana. Only gank if the enemy is over extended, that is if they push really deep into your teams lane. Keep objectives warded and ward your buff at the start of the match. Unless your confident your team can contest or you can steal, always trade, especially if it's trading ocean drag for herald.

  23. Diana insane mobility so getting kited isn't a problem, sudo tank and amazing teamfight potential.

  24. Public proposals are cringe. Do it private, stay classy.

  25. Irelia, olaf, Darius, vayne, garen, katarina, Diana, shyvana, fiora, renekton. These are ten champions off the top of my head that are way more problematic than ezreal. They are all easier to play with one or two exceptions and can steam roll a team even if slightly ahead. If it's not true dmg or reset ult into penta it's on hit effects galore. Ezreal is very balanced in comparison.

  26. yasou has gotten multiple dmg buffs directly and indirectly. Chargeblade and lethal are better on top of his skills and AA getting buffed. He's the last champ anyone should be complaining about.

  27. Rakan. Play making support. Start a fight with charm and knock up and its gg.

  28. Amumu ap is insane. Increasingly underrated. He's a tank so he's pretty much always needed and nothing counters him except quicksilver enchant and olaf which makes him a great blind pick. Can take herald at level 7 in like 15 seconds and generally is insanely fast at taking objectives. Also has a massive aoe stun for teamfights. Great initiator, fast clear, blind pick-able, amazing champ.

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