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  1. Oh my god I would simply cease to exist

  2. I wonder if it auto notifies for some phrases like “cease to exist?”

  3. Question how do you know where a hotspots are because it doesn't necessarily show on the map like GrubHub does where it has Heat maps. I know it will show you like nearby cities based on times of days how busy they are but it doesn't tell you like specific areas to go to for those cities. Unless I'm missing something.

  4. They’re pretty clearly identified similar to grubhub. But they only appear if it’s busy enough so it just depends.

  5. Someone found this dress on Amazon shortly after it aired and it was 7 dollars!

  6. So many comments about how piercing a baby’s ear saves them from having to do it later in life. Like, you know that you don’t have to have your ears pierced right? It’s not a requirement.

  7. I worked at Claire’s and had to pierce anyones ears who came in asking for it. We literally couldn’t turn them away unless they were a minor and didn’t have a guardian. The WORST was someone with a 12 week old baby. I was solo so couldn’t do them at the same time to make it less traumatizing for the baby and me. The screams. Oh my god. Babies do feel pain. I’ll never forget that.

  8. He is a knife wielding gun wielding manic. The crew did not feel safe around him.

  9. Really? I only thought she had the one brother. Weird.

  10. She finally got her ring eventhough it's from a fine ass scammer who scams and puts his family in harm's way.

  11. Yup it’s sad. I’m sad she married him. I really hope he smartens tf up and stops endangering his family from here on out.

  12. It’s so hard to grow up with a mother who has a mental illness. Most internalize it as what’s wrong with me, some lash out because they don’t know how to express their pain, some self medicate, others figure it out. I hope Leah does ok. I hope Amber rewatches this and just says this is what I did wrong and this is how I can fix it. It’s sad but this is reality for so so many.

  13. It’s hard. I relate a lot to Leah. Very similar circumstances as my mom growing up.

  14. Filming reunion maybe? I’m coincidentally going to LA on Friday so that’d be wild.

  15. B&T are absolutely terrible people. Racist bigots. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities that fight for “family values” aka homophobia and taking away rights from others. They buy babies. Fuck them.

  16. Yeah I go to Wilmington all the time and drink the water from hotels and airbnbs lol should I not? Oop

  17. Shitty of Kotex not to go with her. If I was Meri, I would totally take that as a sign that this "marriage" is over and done. It's not like the mother was estranged from them or anything weird. Also shitty to tell her on the phone, agreed. As for her not flying, maybe there aren't affordable flights or maybe it took time because Meri was trying to convince Kotex to go with her. Meri remains the stray dog at the edge of the campsite...SMH.

  18. 5 hours in a car could very well be the fastest way to get there. I doubt there’s a direct flight from Flagstaff to the middle of nowhere in Utah. With driving she can just get in the car and get there ASAP. No waiting in line in security, no flight delays, connections, etc. just drive and go.

  19. I would assume as much. It’s wild to me that people think LE are going to tell the public everything they know. I’m sure they know a lot more than us.

  20. Apparently most of them were very small and lowkey so it’s unlikely

  21. Was Leah Ashley or Jade even in this episode? Imagine if these episodes would be 2 hours long instead of just an hour long.

  22. They weren’t. That’s the deal with this new show, not everyone is gonna be in every episode.

  23. Tyler saying “this isn’t the first time you’ve been helpless” wtf? He’s such a dick

  24. I’m surprised no one has speculated on why Leah will not be walked down the aisle by Gary (her biological father) and/or Lee (her step father). They both walked her down the aisle at her and Jeremy’s wedding. I wonder if they’ll serve Cheetos, icing in a can, and sugar packets as wedding favors.

  25. It seems she’s put some boundaries up with all her parents since she went to rehab and started working on sobriety and trauma recovery. Maybe she doesn’t feel comfortable in her relationships with them right now to walk her down the aisle.

  26. It’s 2022 why tf are so many women attacking each other over physical appearance. It’s wild to me. Stop it 👈

  27. How many subs does he have? Probably only a few. Is that really an “income”? I guess it’s better than the absolute nothing he was bringing in before.

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