1. After tax hike, ASEs are 43 euros in Germany

  2. Strange, could not find any information about that. Source?

  3. American and Brits response? Lets take more and more mortgages to support banksters cartel wooohoo

  4. Dont forget forced elixirs with 666 ugly side effects.

  5. All of this map are WEF vassal states. Except Russia. Lets hope

  6. Prick Astley - Never Gonna Blow Pipe Up (and starve you)

  7. Take moaarrr mortgages! They will enable you cheap home ownership and lifetime prosperity!

  8. Wow, so it means we should borrow from bankers and pay them interest? to buy homes we build, not bankers? i see....

  9. Yeah but mortgages in UK are awesome,right?

  10. nothing will happen to the price. there are still ETFs which are much much bigger

  11. buy buy buy on mortgage, 30 yr mortgage- otherwise you will never own any real estate LOL

  12. Well well stats tell us among WSS about 60-80% got a jab from God Fauxi.

  13. I wonder if Germany was still buying gas from Russia with Rubles on the quiet, hence the strong Ruble vs the Dollar. US intelligence possibly confirmed this and sabotaged Nord Stream once the Polish line was up and running to force Europe onto gas from Scandinavia in a further attempt to weaken the Ruble. The west cannot kill their currencies until they kill the Ruble.

  14. Leo Zagami recently said the reason is: vatican is short of money due to lockdowns and less revenue from tourists.

  15. If the big boys think the market is going down they have many financial instruments to cash in on that phenomenon at lightening speed. Silver is like a ball and chain to them.

  16. that is actually true. Also - big boys are not in the business of wealth preservation, but of big big (and fast) profits.

  17. Big players are all under WEF-Roths-Central bankers.

  18. Dude, make sure you bring enough alcohol for everyone next time, so we at least stand a chance of interpreting that gibberish…

  19. Yeah, i expected this that most of you will not understand macro-economics

  20. Sure, but their calc are based on manipulated price.

  21. https://giphy.com/gifs/mIVTwFK45J19KPVSsS

  22. I fully agree. actually medical mafia is worse, but crypto cult is so delusional it will be awesome study 50-100 years from now. the study of gigantic human stupidity.

  23. Gonzalo rocks! Trumps most geo-strategists easily.

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