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  1. Air compressors aren't free. Expecting them to be provided for free is pretty ridiculous

  2. Have you considered mounting the suppressor correctly and not using the cheapest possible ammo you can lay hands on in order to not destroy it?

  3. Again if I wanted to make a repair section with 5 different weld up parts from 5 different manufacturers I fully know what to expect. I BOUGHT ALL THESE PARTS WITH THE EXPECTATION THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT. I know quite well what I'm doing.

  4. Clearly you do not or you wouldn't have such asinine complaints.

  5. What do you work there? If you don't like what I have to say just keep scrolling

  6. Just a professional gunsmith with a lot more experience under my belt than you. I implore you to go drop a thousand bucks on 1911 parts and see how much fitting you'll have to do.

  7. Explain to me how an after market trigger or magazine can cause the problem as shown?

  8. Aftermarket trigger throws all of CZs testing to ensure they released a safe product out the window. They have lost their base of reference to accurately diagnose the chain of failures that lead to this result and are totally within reason to deny his warranty claim. Furthermore someone other than CZ installed the parts and they have no idea if it was done correctly. The sear geometry could've been wrong and it could've been doubling which on a direct blowback will very easily lead to an out of battery which could easily be responsible for this destruction.

  9. Lol enjoy your denied claims you tantrum throwing little shit.

  10. Leaving their cars running for hours with the AC blasting while they stand outside them when there is no threat or reason to be there in a group that large is “procedure”?

  11. Police procedure is to leave vehicles running for the entire shift. Its always running, it's always ready. That's every police officer on every shift. Every single car, every day. They're also forced to respond to whatever call and guard where they are ordered to guard.

  12. I’ve seen plenty of HPD vehicles at locations about town that aren’t running so your statement is false. Perhaps it’s procedure when they’re on “standby”, but not how you’re describing it. Either that or HPD isn’t uniformly following “procedure.” Leaving a vehicle running when it takes a key turn to start and you have a radio on is nonsensical, I don’t care how you spin it. In fact some of those vehicles, with guns inside, could be stolen at any time if that’s the case.

  13. There's no point in explaining what they were doing is procedure. Have a great day being mad for no reason

  14. Steak out is great, your fault you didn't order the thing they named themselves after because it's what they do well. Get the steak tips.

  15. Reddit will shit the bed over literally anything.

  16. I mean not the incest stereotype. We have the same incest laws as California and statistically are definitely not the worst state for cases of it.

  17. California is just a bit more progressive on letting people decide on handling an unwanted pregnancy stemming from said incest however.

  18. This town is full of transplants from CA, what the fuck are you babbling about

  19. Huntsville is still part of the majority of voting to keep abortion illegal and critical race theory out of schools. The CA transplants are just making housing more expensive.

  20. The head of public relations at Anderson Manufacturing.

  21. Are you fucking serious or just trolling the poverty pony?

  22. You're the first person I've heard of that ate there

  23. What, you mean to tell me your ac doesn't work when you charge it with liquid flex seal? Don't try and sell me that liberal refrigerant myth. Compressed is compressed and this won't leak, sheep.

  24. Annual Friday poor people thread.

  25. Why are his medals worth that much money? Who buys them?

  26. There’s more to come on this one. This guy came to the cop’s house for a reason. I’m not saying that there’s something nefarious with this officer because I don’t roll with those assumptions but this being random is not the most intuitive conclusion.

  27. I'd bet a sizable sum they're related and fighting over who gets to fuck the sister this weekend.

  28. Lotta people gunna be big mad when it doesn't collapse all the way in their MP5 clones.

  29. One of the biggest pieces of shit ever released. Good luck.

  30. Attempts? I believe your apprentice bested everyone else in his extraction speed.

  31. Well they both have inflexible independent front suspension and are almost dead equal off-road.

  32. They look cool but I would NEVER recommend them to someone, coming from working with them in the military. They are unreliable and (from my understanding) extremely difficult to source parts for as a civilian. They have great ground clearance but are so goddamn wide that you can’t take them on trails that even a super duty truck could fit on. Ride quality and noise is abysmal too, you practically need earplugs to use it.

  33. They are easy to get parts for and it's not especially unreliable. It's an old GM diesel and transmission, they usually work right up until it doesn't. Super common in the us and easy to get parts for.

  34. Like I said, you operate something wrong enough it will catch fire.

  35. Lol all they had to do was copy the A3 stock and they didn't, so not only is it an obvious fake it will probably be around $5-800 given Zeniths penchant for charging HK prices for not HK stuff.

  36. Pretty cool. Absolute shame you can't really go out and shoot these with any expectations that it won't destroy itself within about a thousand rounds.

  37. One of the biggest retailers in the country and you transferred one of the most common guns ever made to them lol

  38. It was a police trade-in for really cheap, so I couldn't help myself haha

  39. Fairly surprised they didn't have a pallet of them there for the same cost if not cheaper.

  40. At a buy here pay here lot no less.

  41. I do a lot of mountaineering, including big expeditions like spending 25 days climbing Mt. Logan, and I always use Goal Zero. Works great for my phone, inReach, camera, etc.

  42. Got a specific model number of what you like?

  43. I had a solar panel on my truck cap for awhile and ran a decent little inverter setup in my bed. It was more of a general purpose "base camp" rig, but I could keep a backup phone battery charged along with anything else I needed off a 12v deep cycle and little 300W or so inverter.

  44. Very specifically looking for something immediately portable to stow in a small backpack. Truck mounted stuff is easier cause it can be larger and tied into some batteries

  45. $20 million dollars for a place for bums to sleep outside while it's target demographic drives around it. What a waste.

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