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  1. So if you provided liquidity in the dig section you still need to go to the woof section and click on the pair you created then in that section click the add liquidity ! usually you add the max then finish the transaction

  2. Did you mean like where you can walk into a store and pay with Nodle?

  3. Joined the swap at the launch!! Made most of mine there in liquidity. Did Buy some at the beginning also thinking it was going straight up but 🤷‍♂️ holding all till well after 100$ ! Most of mine are now staked in the swap! If you aren’t supporting your own swap then wtf are you doing!!!!

  4. Yes let them sit!! Don’t do any woofing until shibarium is out and the fees are low to compound! If you’re looking for higher % rewards then head over to dig and get into a pair!

  5. Yeah its a mistake BONE ATH is actually $79 - 80 if you were in it in the beginning you'd remember that crazy shit.

  6. Those good old days still holding some of those 17$ bones 🤣 But I wait for the day we cross 100$ then the life party begins here!!

  7. Was reading about a Chinese mechanic turned billionaire who bought a $170 million painting with his AMEX. With the miles he got, he can basically fly first class for free for life.

  8. I read that recently also!!😎. Pretty sure they included his whole family in who could fly with him!

  9. I just want to add that when ethereum was at $2 30 days later it was $8 and never to look back again 🥳

  10. My god, wish I had bought more at $0.35😏

  11. I’m currently waiting until shibarium is out. I don’t see the point of getting a few bone, on such amount. I hope the staking is getting better, once shibarium is live.

  12. Idk i see bone hitting a huge number one day and that one or 2 could be worth 1000’s so it’s all up to you for sure!!

  13. Fair point, everyone's in different time zones, let's just say 24 hours then

  14. What you are referring to is called arbitrage here’s a link to read up on what it is and how it works!

  15. I’m happy with all the bones I collected from digging!! In the swap since day one and loving it till I retire!

  16. That's so sweet. I'm happy you believed in the swap and now it's going to change things for the better for you. Well deserved my shib army bro.

  17. Anyone else seeing the volume on this baby and mostly going thru the swap!! That’s pretty awesome!

  18. I think the problem is people assuming these emails they receive are from MetaMask and try to verify info or whatever a noob crypto investor tries when clicking these links! I have had a wallet for going 2 years no issues !

  19. I had 175 staked since swap launched I earned roughly 14 over that time, I have quite a bit more staked now and will see what that brings. I look long term at those rewards being worth a lot more than when received!

  20. Wow you’re really good at math aren’t you!!!

  21. I can’t wait to find the bottom of this one! Not too many that don’t take a huge drop out the gate.

  22. It’s because the whales made a killing the first 10 days on the swap and will be dropping them for awhile but we can just keep collecting them back!

  23. Collected all of mine for investing in Shibaswap and now they are staked and will be waiting for the treats to start collecting them 😎

  24. I also woofed a good amount of Bone, a surprisingly good amount of Bone. Have added a bit to it to do my bit for the shib army. Whatever happens, its nearly all house money at this point, so let's see where we go. I hope you do well!

  25. Yep making a little here and there and will keep buying! Have some liquidity going still but switched over to staking for a bit to see where the next best thing is for rewards

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