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  1. was hoping my Monzo card would be through, as I could have switched it, but I may halifax account that I messed up the reward from. (I wonder do halifax and lloyds count as the same bank?).

  2. The first switch I did was from Santander to Halifax and I’m now doing Lloyds as I’ve seen a few people saying that they have received the bonus from both, Same as people have said they’ve received the bonus from HSBC and first direct

  3. I was worried that they are owned by the same parent company but if people are getting the bonus thats cool... I just thought it might be weird going from halifax to lloyds

  4. I just bought a desk topper for this reason, I also expect it might add some comfort... amazon have XXXL ones for the 150x75 desks too

  5. we had to take ID into the reception, but overall, we had the new card within 2 weeks

  6. Does anyone know if my 2 direct debits need to have been paid at least once before I can switch? I set them up a few days ago and they are showing on my list of direct debits, but status as pending, not active. Thanks

  7. most say no, they just need to be listed... but halifax denied me my bonus due to them never being paid... might just be a Halifax thing

  8. Does the transfer to the account you want the bonus from have to come from the account you are switching? I.e do I need to move £x from my main current account to the new blank account I have set up and then transfer into the bonus account? Or can I go straight from main account to bonus account?

  9. I have so far always deposited to the NEW account ()the one giving me the bonus_). unless it specifically states u need a balance to transfer, but I can not imagine that ever being the case as they would not get anything for that.

  10. Cheers man. Will try an get in there. These waiting lists are shocking. Fucking February

  11. if you are willing to put int he work, you can always get in within a week, you just need to book the February one, but then immediately open the "change booking site", enter ya details and refresh the search every 30 minutes throughout the day.. it could be 9am, for it could be 9pm, but a bunch of slots will open, potentially for the next morning

  12. when I switched to Halifax reward in September, it did not trigger the bonus. when I rang them, the desk stated it was because there had not been an actual payment so they denied it and there was no fight...

  13. thanks for sharing your experience! will try to be patient just to be on the safe side!

  14. I learnt early on in this game that patience is key. if an offer disappears, do not fret as another will come in its place eventually... just spread your DDs about and be ready to pounce!! as an old married man, with a life time of subscriptions, I have a pile of DDs I can just spread about so its never an issue (though I have a few OnePoundDDs plus a few charities anyway as I am trying to hit these offers pretty hard right now)

  15. I find toasting the soda takes an awfully long time. Like I'll have to put it down at least three times to get any semblance of colour on it. That just me?

  16. toaster set to max, toast it once.. then it goes face down in the pan for 20 seconds (minimal oil) after the fry is out, so u flavour it a bit... onto the plate and the fried egg ALWAYS goes onto the soda

  17. check your local furniture shops, they will often bring their stock same say and they will always barter with you!

  18. If you switch from your Starling account you won't be able to open another account for 12 months

  19. Monzo will not let you open a new account again if you use them

  20. I don't think I will ever have another use for Monzo, I certainly never considered them previously, so I am happy to burn them.. but I will also get another account with one of my current banks and swap it out

  21. It's yes or no. There is no other. You are unionist or nationalist. There is no in-between. You can separate unionism from loyalism, and nationalism from Irishness, but not having an opinion holds back only nationalism, while supporting unionism.

  22. So they are damned whatever they do as you will be pissed off or someone else will …

  23. Still forms part of the electorate. In referendums such as that, a minimum turn out is usually specified, after that a minimum quota.

  24. Guess we need to see the terms of the vote before we get too distressed over neutral people!

  25. Alright fair play, just thought i might aswell I've already switched 4 times in last couple months

  26. I only started last month … screwed up Halifax , but succeeded first direct, but now have NatWest done but waiting payout

  27. In case it helps it's pretty easy to open a second account with a bank you already have. I switched to Halifax, and then opened another Halifax account, it's pretty much instant you just have to wait for the card, then i switched both

  28. That is a tasty idea!!! Thank you. Weirdly , I did switch my old Halifax current account away to first direct, while I was switching another account TO Halifax reward! 😀

  29. also make sure the Direct debits do not need to be active before the switch... the T&Cs are not 100% clear to me, so I am assuming they need to be live and have at least one payment done

  30. i am reading those T&Cs to suggest the DDs can be setup AFTER the move by November, but it is not 100% clear (as usual with these switches LOL).

  31. Lol, love how different responses are backing up my accusation of banks being ambiguous with their terms

  32. if you do nto do this now, you never will. financially its prob a bad decision but you have to live! next chance will likely be in your 50s when you will still enjoy it, but not to the same level :-).

  33. Everyone refinances at the end of the discount period. That period is fixed and transparent up front.

  34. or watch "the big short", and focus not he stripper scene... teaser rates in USA were nuts!

  35. I have blue rewards, pay the fiver, but then have 2 x DDs and a Barclays mortgage so I think I get 8 quid back

  36. brilliant! I restored a 12v kart for my kid years ago, I used to put olive oil on the rear wheels to help her get the back end around! she loved that thing!!!

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