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  1. Yeah but that guy put his own money into multiple marketing campaigns on fiverr. He did a lot more than most of us did for rbif so I understand his frustration. As for a 300k buy I'll believe it when I see it. You certainly don't announce it on the internet to a bunch of people looking for exit liquidity either. I'd rather see 3000 people buy $100 worth. I been in crypto a while like most of you and have won some and lost some. I will say that every single one I lost was because of a lack of marketing and updates to potential buyers. Isolating yourself in a telegram bubble and abandoning reddit is a bad look.

  2. Also from Vy: Hi Kaptain, Yatogod did reach out and has a plan to purchase usd 300k. And first of all, I think by commenting him “shit” does not speak he’s bullshitting but I’m disappointed about how you address him that way. Whether he’s gonna buy in or delays the buy, it’s his money. And even he bought many people like yourself already decided to tank the price with his purchase. When btc was at 42k, did I give you all the warning about 36k and 33k then 28k? Btc dictates the entire market movement. Is there any developer out there to tell you the truth about the market rather than we are going to the moon, and buy and kill two zeros and market cap hitting billions? No. I dont think so.

  3. Lol I don’t care about the drama happening in telegram. Is the vnet partnership scrapped, are they doing tournaments with our coin? I haven’t heard anything for months about this partnership.

  4. Ultron + Minn + Zemo + Nebula @ G13 + whoever else should be enough.

  5. We’ll make GD sure that the Republicans win in midterms. And if they do win, everybody tune into prime time because Dems especially Stacey are gonna go so insane that they’ll make Beth Dutton look normal.

  6. Bro very true, anyone says anything bad about Robo then everyone jumps on you it's pathetic, this used to be a great place to be, everyone was helpful but now all the minions have got obsessed lol

  7. I do agree with you on that. This sub was very welcoming, and overall positive when I got here in January when I bought near the ATH lol. It has been a little toxic here with people having different opinions that may not match up with theirs or RBIF vision.The telegram page feels like a tiny cult at times lol and can also be toxic.

  8. Never been to Midwest but I've heard from close sources that the drinking we do on the east coast is child's play.

  9. Drinking culture in wi is so annoying how it’s celebrated. It’s a real problem here

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