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  1. Mandrews saving my sorry ass team so far. Don’t think he’ll get 2 TDs every week, so this year looks bleak

  2. So what’s your plan then mate? Lay it on us

  3. Force them out. Only Brits take this lying down and say what should I do? 😢

  4. They should continue to push up the tax free allowance, push the 40% rate up to £150k+ and increase it to 50%+.

  5. Growth definitely does not come from the bottom. It can't when the top owns the majority of the assets.

  6. You can't just have a referendum until the outcome you desire wins.

  7. Why not... That's more democratic than the shit that goes on now. Like un-elected Truss handing the rich at all of our expense.

  8. I started him over DK this week 👍

  9. This makes sense why I enjoyed ABress so much lol

  10. So who's still alive who's like these guys?

  11. Authoritarianism isn’t a path they want to start treading down.

  12. Maybe this is how a Republic finally happens?

  13. 0.5 PPR Brandon Aiyuk (with kittle questionable) vs CHI

  14. Watkins due to weather for 49ers game

  15. The cashback rate is dependent on your loyalty tier. The higher loyalty tiers requires you to acquire NEXO tokens. Acquiring NEXO tokens and loyalty tier benefits increases customer retention. This is one reason why so many businesses offer loyalty programs.

  16. Tory voters just gifted billions more of their hard earned money straight to billionaire energy companies.

  17. Me too, I'll stay a couple more years and then leave. This country is going to be crippled by all the idiotic decisions lately.

  18. My GBP via FPS always arrives within 2-10 mins.

  19. James Conner was one of my best pickups of all time. RB1s don’t grow on trees

  20. I won my league because of this pickup

  21. Which pairing would you rather draft as your WR3/TE1.

  22. St. Brown and hock .... St. Brown going to have an epic year

  23. Nexo's USDx accounts, USDC or BUSD only. No others.

  24. so 14 flights for Dragon, 6 for Starliner (limited by availability of ULA rockets to launch on)

  25. Maybe NASA will give up on Boeing and give the rest to SpaceX as well?

  26. What’s you guys estimate on how much SpaceX will make per ships (they have 26 of them) ?

  27. Very hard to say, the deal they've agreed could be anything. We have zero info on the deal structure. I'm sure SpaceX is making a fair amount on it though.

  28. My wife and I were on a RC cruise in early Aug. We paid 400 for 'fast' internet for 4 devices. Total crap bandwidth. Essentially 7 days without internet.

  29. Also I believe these exclude OTC loans.

  30. Might be time to go back to Canada soon...

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