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  1. You should see me when I'm all dialed in ..its like John Wick but with more arthritis

  2. It’s still the same, very little live rounds and the SAT is broken… also the ammo numbers have been cut as ammo is being sent to Ukraine so we have less than ever before.

  3. You have LESS ammo than ever before?! How is that even possible??

  4. A general trend across all militaries is that they stock up on way less supplies then they would actually need in a war.

  5. Sure hope this frees up all these parents crying for help to go back to work and pay taxes to support this instead of being given free money for having a sex trophy. So glad I get to help pay for parents to stay home all day. Having kids is a choice, and it isn’t cheap. That’s the life you chose

  6. Tactical turds hinking there sks 'training' will help lol

  7. I just bought a Norinco Type 81. Would this be included in the ban that has been recently announced?

  8. Does that mean I can't fire it on private property either? Or is that only if it's prohibited.

  9. I'd be more impressed that you can find a range that lets new people use it.

  10. One range I looked at required a background check and they had the lights on a timer for the indoor range section .. they wanted "donations per hour of use" to use the lights ..oh, I didn't know I had to pay for hydro ontop of my dues 🤷‍♂️

  11. Target sports Canada north of Markham allows both buck and slug. Depends on how far away you are though…

  12. So does Urban Tactical ..but like, I'm closer to the fuckin US border than those places since I moved

  13. Ah yes, exactly what I needed today, another reminder that no one gives a shit about us

  14. A neat trick is to have your celly put koolaid powder on his lips ..for, you know...

  15. Anyone would be worried if a couple grand got stolen or just became unusable

  16. Going to get on my couch and take a look at our armed forces and ask: WTF does this individual know that me as a couch guy doesn't know?

  17. “Instead of being at 70,000 people, the Canadian Forces are operating probably somewhere at about 45,000 people — and out of that, there are a significant percentage of them who are not operationally deployable or capable,” Hillier said.

  18. You know what I got for 14y of service /mess due.

  19. A rising tide raises all boats. I know this strike doesn't involve your profession, but this will put upward pressure on wages. People will start to demand more because they can find other jobs that pay more. Eventually wages across the board have to increase.

  20. Good luck with that. It's just a matter of time before major US automakers are calling Doug's hotline: "Can't you even manage the janitors? Get your fucking shit together or we'll pull the plug."

  21. All I need is about..... TREE FIDDY - Loch Ness Monster

  22. Makes me reconsider my life choices; Why did I join the CAF just to wind up a disabled veteran when I could have been making jewelry from my own jizz this whole time 🤦‍♂️

  23. It took one of mine 1 year to be denied. I'm fighting it and it's been 9 months and still no hearing.

  24. Shortest time period I have waited for a claim was 17 months, longest was 24 months ...

  25. My PBA said that I'm looking at the new year for a hearing for my tinnitus.

  26. I wish you luck sir/ma'am ..I hope you get that settled quickly

  27. Anyone know a store with Glock 19 frames ready for sale and transfer?

  28. For those in Ontario, I've submitted a complaint to the Ombudsmans office to complain about the egregious transfer wait times. 7 months is not right. I hope you do the same.

  29. Not to sound like an ass, but, do you really think they give a fuck?

  30. Shit ....I thought I was ballin' with my 40oz of Olde English and custom 22LR

  31. And the (original) Ruger Police Carbine 9mm (and 40 S&W) is classified as a Restricted rifle due to the barrel length

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