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  2. Looks like *you're* the winner. That link is to a complaint written by her attorney. It isn't evidence of anything. Pretty disingenuous to leave out the part where this lawsuit was dismissed. It is also a civil case, not a criminal case.

  3. They find a way to make everything seem racist. To be honest, a debate has never changed my mind about who I'm going to vote for.

  4. Try posting this in FB, see what happens.

  5. If you are a conservative, you really need to delete facebook. For your own safety.

  6. $50-100B more?? You are out of your mind. We're already halfway down the road to hyperinflation, Venezuela style. This whole thing is a freaking farce & money laundering operation. UKR is notoriously corrupt. Democrats want to keep sending money with no oversight on how it's spent. DC politicians don't give a damn about "democracy", otherwise biden & obama wouldn't have stage a coup in 2014, removing UKR's democratically elected president.

  7. FB spies on you, tracks you, records your conversations & sells your info. If fb doesn't like your politics, your private messages are turned over to the FBI, unsolicited. Innocent people are then, red-flagged & investigated.

  8. People react better to one anecdote than any amount of studies or statistics.

  9. I think they use fear most often. They're trying to scare seniors now, saying the GOP wants to end social security.

  10. I'd say he's the antichrist but the antichrist will probably have way more charisma.

  11. I'll be there with my "Trump Won" sign chanting FJB along with everybody else.

  12. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that john kerry & obama live on Martha's Vineyard part time

  13. Where does it state that in the first amendment? Who decides what hate speech is?

  14. I guess it's the same people who are trying to tell everyone that the "thumbs up" & "okay" hand gestures & emojis are racist & symbols of white supremacy. Idiots took it & ran with it, not realizing that it was a hoax, started by 4chan ("Operation O-KKK").

  15. Both, either is that or Stay in "revolution" in Venezuela (Or for those who didnt prospered in other countries, return to live "in revolution"). Add to that that a Chavez worship left has winning all the elections in south america, i know many of them would jump off from a bridge rather than live under Petro or Castillo. (And castillo is already making a clusterfuck, thanks to him there is a shrotage of fertilizers, and potato, the most inexpensive thing here, is about to triple its price)

  16. you don't expect obama and john kerry to allow tent cities in their backyards, do you? That's the fastest I've seen them moved though.

  17. Those "poor immigrants" have not been properly vetted. biden has already allowed known terrorists into the country & sent at least one of them to FL. We should not be forced to accommodate criminals who have no respect for our laws. Biden is setting us up for another 9/11.

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