1. Lmao dude complains about his workers not being able to work because of COVID, but he can't sit for a deposition because of COVID. Shit writes itself.

  2. If millions of Americans get to use the bullshit covid excuse to get out of work and other obligations I see no reason why he can't.

  3. Go get COVID. Since it’s just bullshit to you, I can say that with abandon.

  4. Well said. I feel like this is a trap that many people fall into when they first start out shooting (I know I did), I'm just glad I had friends that explained it all to me.

  5. It will save a ton of frustration. People are suggesting an in-between build but all that will do is cause headache in the long run.

  6. You're a clown bud. Actively fucking with people's orders because apparently you're the all knowing God of what tastes good and what doesn't? K sick.

  7. Ammo costs are still whack in general but 6.5cm.. yeah.. better open up that wallet lol.

  8. It's really not that expensive.. nothing compared to any of the magnum cartridges, plus for a rifle like this that isn't super accurate you may aswell just use the cheaper hunting stuff.

  9. You just need to double your money ten times to get one million

  10. I bought my first home 4 years ago and sold it last year close to the peak.. currently in the process of moving. Totally okay with home prices how they are, I've got a job.

  11. If you had a time machine you could make a lot more money buying bitcoin at the all time low and selling at all time high.

  12. Personally, I never walk around with a loaded firearm while hunting. If I'm just sitting in an area/stand/blind then I'll load and put the safety on but any time I start walking I'll unload it.

  13. It's just you don't hunt upland. Not sure how you hunt birds in the woods w/ shells in your pockets. Maybe if you have a good pointing dog but if you use a flusher, that's kinda the game...

  14. Mostly yeah, I do grouse hunt but you can basically step right on them so waiting to load is never a problem.

  15. From the picture you sent, the large part facing forward does overlap the other part..

  16. Whipped When a person, male or female is so in love with their partner that they will do anything for them, including allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled. Often results in a severe detachment from friends and family as the relationship becomes all-consuming.

  17. I'm normally pretty happy with Spotify but every now and then they will just stack a ton of long unskippable ads and it reminds me of why I dislike it.

  18. Define "Take it out on everyone around you"? If you call me nasty names or treat me like crap should I "keep it to myself" or "take it out on you"?

  19. You will be going through this regularly for the majority of your life, it's up to you to figure your emotions out and create a way to deal with them. It's your responsibility to keep yourself in check just like it's everyone else's responsibility to keep their own emotions in check.

  20. Also gotta factor in what the extra few ounces is worth to you. The lighter you want it, the more money you spend.

  21. There is a pinned post on this sub about "building" a 1000 yard rifle for $1000. That's about as cheap as you'll get if you want it to perform decently well.

  22. You should know better than to omit a /s on reddit.

  23. If they focused more on their studies instead of buying so many avocados maybe they'd be smart enough to realize..

  24. I've owned or spent a reasonable amount of time with the ATACR, k525i, and MK5. I think the answer to "what is best" is always determined more perfectly by understanding your needs best and choosing something for that.

  25. He's Canadian so unfortunately the mk5 is like $4200 +12% new (in our monies)... 3kcad used would be a steal and a half for one here.

  26. you aren't doing something wrong, that's just what your job requires.

  27. Easier to get work done before it gets crazy hot out in the summer. We adjust hours for winter time.

  28. The difference is night and day. The way that the foam from the top half eventually falls out every time you open it, the way the hinges get stuck in the seam when you try to close it, the way that the whole thing flexes and would crack if you dropped it, the lack of wheels… the whole thing just sucks. And that’s not to mention nice touches like metal latches that just make it feel like less of a piece of shit

  29. I have shit $40 cases for all my rifles.. only have one pelican for when I need to take it on an airplane, besides that it's way too heavy and annoying.

  30. I’m kinda autistic and retarded so I’m fine with the hate, But I bought an optic very similar to that on Amazon for like $30 and I was planning on just strapping it on a 22lr rifle I’m gonna print; anyone use them with 22?

  31. Been hearing that so I think it’s in the future for me

  32. It's not that it isn't a good "long range" cartridge, it's the fact that it has heavy recoil for what you get. 308 outshines it in competitions of its class, and in longer distances where recoil isn't as big of an issue there are better choices.

  33. Their entire military has proven itself to be ineffective and/or incompetent.

  34. If they're so ineffective and bad at fighting why don't you join the front lines and win the war yourself?

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