1. The woke retards hate it when you question “science and history”. What a bunch of clowns.

  2. I’ve made a few orders direct from Scottsdale. They have some pretty good prices in the deals section. It’s always taken at least 6-8 weeks. By the time it shows up I forget that I ordered it.

  3. Get the sewer line inspected! I’ve ran into this twice and both times it cost me big. It’s not expensive to have a plumber take a video of the entire line before you buy the property.

  4. Good idea! How much does sewer inspection cost? Can I just find a home inspector that includes this service or is it completely separate?

  5. It was under $200. Much cheaper then the 3k to get it replaced. I had my inspector do it which came back with no issues. Problem is he didn’t run it all the way to the street. I always get a plumber to do there own video now. Also, get all new valves when you buy the rental. It’s cheap and not hard to do yourself. Cheap fixes save thousands in water damage.

  6. I can’t believe they are still in stock. I’m sure they won’t last long at this price.

  7. I bought 3 tubes. I could not pass up on the deal. Limited mintage on these so I pulled the trigger.

  8. I was going to wait until Black Friday but just bought a tube also. Thanks for posting this one.

  9. My point is that the racist laws that were in place 300 some years ago, still have lingering affects…. Shit once blacks were “freed” they still have to deal with segregation. That shit wasn’t 1000s years ago that shit was less than 100 years. And to push it aside as if it doesn’t affect or hasn’t already affected a large population of the United States would be playing into that same racism.

  10. The Irish, Chinese, Mexicans and Native Americans also went through hell and still face discrimination. Why not pick them too?

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