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  1. This is false. According to several articles, he was a known disciplinary problem. This is from one article that summed up the problem:

  2. That doesn’t say anything about him wanting to punish the school. It says he had disciplinary issues, but nothing about targeting the school.

  3. You must be freaking kidding me. From an article covering the trial:

  4. Insufficient lubrication is much more likely to be the cause of a stoppage than fouling. That said, the main purpose of cleaning is to inspect parts for cracking or (excessive) wear. Many high-wear parts might not show signs of failure until disassembly/cleaning (e.g. bolt, extractor, springs), so I recommend cleaning/inspecting every 1,000 rounds with an overhaul every 5,000 to 6,000 rounds. Some issues such as uneven bolt lug wear or heavy gas tube damage/wear inside the receiver are indications of assembly/part problems that should be addressed.

  5. So i made a trade today for a Seekins 14.5 setup and noticed a few things on it that i didnt, before getting home. Keep in mind im a youngin at 22

  6. Actually, Seekins made two versions of that lower, including a "plain" one without the large obnoxious mark. I picked up a small logo version, because I couldn't find the more normal-looking ambi billet without the huge mark. (Personally, I'm not a fan of large logos on my lower, but that might be because I think that it's a bit tacky, like putting manufacturer stickers all over a car, laptop, tool cabinet, etc. Besides, I didn't get a check to advertise for anyone.)

  7. Interesting indeed. Is the bolt realease on the right side of yours also stiff as hell?

  8. No, actually. Well, maybe when it was brand new, but it was fine after the first day at the range. My only complaints would be that for a premium lower, the finish didn't really seem any more durable than most of my more budget-friendly billets and it's fairly heavy, even compared to most billet lowers. So, very minor, almost insignificant complaints. Now there's so many more ambi options that there isn't a need to pay a large premium.

  9. The barrel maker matters more than the barrel material and coating (if any). Most guys don't shoot enough, well enough, or in salt spray to notice a difference. Just get a dehumidifier for your safe and maybe some protectant and you'll be set.

  10. C Products (100% in my experience), D&H, and ASC (some might need a little work to match C Product feed lips).

  11. It depends. Are you putting a suppressor on it and don't want an adjustable gas block (or other adjustable gas device)? Then you could probably use a blast forwarding device that increases back pressure, like a Krink-style baffled muzzle device. Examples would be the Noveske "Flaming Pig" KX3 and KX5, or the Spikes Barking Spider/Spider 2. I have a Noveske Diplomat (5.56 NATO) that came with the KX3 and it was effective at increasing back pressure and mitigating the blast.

  12. Contact the manufacturer as to how the muzzle device was secured. If it was Rocksett, soak the muzzle device (past the threads) in "hot" (room temperature or better) water for about 20 minutes or so before attempting to remove. (Rocksett is water soluble.) Other materials may require heating the muzzle device (only) with a torch (not red hot). If the muzzle device was simply over-torqued, Kroil or some other penetrating oil might be required. Remove the muzzle device use barrel blocks and a vice, along with the proper wrench.

  13. Plus even if I got the hybrid I'd still have to cut it anyway

  14. LOL, that one inch sticks in your craw. Even if Brownells had not discontinued 605 barrels (they made some for their 605 retro rifles and uppers), I would want to go with a better profile and twist over the A1 pencil (ish) barrel. I would also want to sick with .750 gas block journals so I can use a clamp-on FSB.

  15. Dude you need some better hobbies over complaining about other people's rifles

  16. Actually, I'm not complaining. I just like to know why other people make different choices and it just so happened that I thought your build was interesting. It is true that not every build needs to be functionally optimal, and "optimal" depends a lot upon purpose.

  17. My personal experience with a 12.5 inch ARP has been excellent and would be my recommendation for a non-suppressed SBR or pistol. The Faxon will save you $50, but keep in mind that it is 0.625 inch at the gas block journal, so you will need to order an appropriate gas block.

  18. Yep. If you are expanding the business, that's an expense, which mean you are no longer "wasting" that money on taxes.

  19. Tax rules and the investment market help drive this behavior. Fewer investors are looking for long term profitability or returns via dividends. Therefore, for many publicly traded companies, the trendline of their stock matters more when attracting investors.

  20. How is it a scam? They pay a living wage, they offer quality products ( Kirkland brand is very good), and the executive membership basically pays for itself if you shop there enough.

  21. Yes, it is not a scam, but it might feel that way to those paying for a membership because of family, but not really getting anything out of it. I had a membership for several years, but never really purchased anything worthwhile from it to justify the cost. Going to the local HEB is more convenient. If there's something special that we want, I go to the local restaurant supply store--no membership cost--to pick up large quantities and better quality items. Most of my office products are internet purchases. Why go to Costco? Costco and Sam's are possibly relics supported by (small business) people that want a one-stop shop with a membership fee to keep out the riffraff.

  22. Firearms are more expensive in the United States, compared to Central and South America. More importantly, machine guns are strictly regulated and extremely expensive in the United States. Only the proximity of the United States makes it a viable source of some weaponry. However, for the machine guns and other weapons favored by the cartels, it is far easier and cheaper to buy them from down south.

  23. .223/5.56 light, fast, thin-walled ammunition tends to fragment at close range, thus less likely to over-penetrate. This generally holds true for both polymer-tipped and soft-point rounds. As usual, it's always better to test and verify the results for yourself.

  24. They were a top guild, yes but there are plenty of other top guilds, at best AOG ranked 9th out of the guilds of YGG.

  25. Yes, and the top guild was Seraphim. AOG was undoubtedly strong defensively, but that's not the same.

  26. You will get a lot of recommendations. I will say this, whatever you buy or build, break it in with at least 200 rounds of 5.56 NATO, whether M193 or M855. I would suggest using it in at least 1 carbine course after you break it in. If something is going to give, it's probably going to break in a 1,000+ round carbine course.

  27. Measure the rounds and then double check the barrel with a set of go/no go gauges. The rounds might be out of spec or the chamber reamer might have been worn by the time your barrel was machined, and your chamber might be a bit undersized--large enough to chamber most in-spec rounds, but too small for rounds on the far end of tolerances.

  28. Unless you have total end-to-end encryption, I would presume that any foreign/roaming carrier can access calls, texts, and at least some data.

  29. How long does TMobile hold onto data then?

  30. A minimum requirement of 18 months in the United States.

  31. As mentioned, tapping is handled via digital and optical cross-connects. That said, circuits that pass through older offices may still use DSX panels, have sketchy wire-wraps with cracked conductors, or even an old test set left plugged in. This is more common in old office buildings or rural CLECs. Calls to those two numbers are probably passing through a problematic circuit with a fault on your Rx, which is why you're the only one hearing the clicking noise.

  32. Not likely without specialized equipment. A man-in-the-middle attack is the technique usually undertaken with equipment acting as a cell tower. Otherwise, WiFi, BT, or hacking apps are the easiest routes, and the easiest to avoid.

  33. I was told by T-Mobile to never turn in equipment to a store, return only via UPS return label. The only thing you can do is to stick to your guns and tell them to look for it or whatever notes that someone supposedly put in there (assuming they entered it in correctly).

  34. I was worried about that when I read that.. I may have to put one in my vehicle and keep it plugged in until it automatically kills the power to the adapter when my battery gets low

  35. They use signal strength to determine distance. Putting the window and repeater units where there is the most signal-attenuating structural material between them will increase the effective distance. For example, putting the window unit in a loft and the repeater in a cabinet right next to a metal appliance, with television between the two, will do more to increase measured distance than an additional 6 ft. might.

  36. Sweet. Last question: Does it have a way to hold the trigger pins captive, or do you need to use a set of anti-walk pins? I've had walking issues before with cassette-type triggers (looking at you, RA-140).

  37. Non-drop-in triggers use spring pressure to keep trigger pins from walking out. Drop-in/cassette triggers have to use screws, springs, or elastomer buttons located on the bottom of the cassette to keep pins from walking out. If your trigger doesn't have some sort of tension mechanism to accomplish this and, you can use a small amount of elastomer to accomplish the same thing.

  38. But muh Geissele's 1,400lbs of clamping force!

  39. All other things being equal: A 9 inch barrel gives ~82% of the velocity performance of a 16 inch barrel, 10.x inch barrel gives ~88%, 11.5 gives ~92%, 12.5 gives ~95%, and 14.5 gives ~97%.

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