1. Amazing the canadian people let him get away with it - really more depressing - just sheep

  2. When you look at who held governor's offices, elected offices in this last US election the sheep outnuber the rest of us

  3. Giant money laundering scheme for the DNC. In 10 years will be Our biggest Boondoggle to date.

  4. Administration has already committed the Dept of Transportation to partner with Kyiv on rebuilding, and relatedcompanies are already opening up shop in DC.

  5. Except then they just refill their tanks with the indoctrinated children of others, groomed from pre-K to be their kind of people. Think the hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding over the border or the children of the low-skilled adults surging in thanks to the D's will receive an apolitical, non-biased education in the 3 R's?

  6. What should really scare you is that in addition to the NIH funding sketchy research in foreign operated labs, reports are that the US operates or operated 336 biolabs in 30 countries including 26 in Ukraine likely doing research that is forbidden here as either too risky,cruel or illegal.

  7. It’s going green by American environmentalist standards because it’s preserving American wildlife. They don’t really care if we drill, just as long as we don’t do it in Alaska.

  8. This is part of the fallacy of greeniacs concentrating on per capita CO2 versus the net amount countries crank out. The US is a big country and, with far less pollution and more efficient use of energy, produces a lot of goods for the rest of the world. Compare Gibraltar at 104,500 tons of CO2 per sq km per year with the US at 519 tons of CO2 per sq km per year. China produces a lot of goods for the rest of the world as well, but also produces 1,133 tons/sq km/year,

  9. Even if it somehow gets passed who are they going to send to collect these guns. Cops? The majority of cops believe in the second amendmentZ. Not only that but it’s telling cops to go get into gunfights after the democrats have been shitting on them for the past few decades. The day they tell me to go around and collect guns is the day I turn in my gun and badge.

  10. Everything is going according to plan for the left, and they are reveling in all their victories.

  11. If anyone doubts this, read what the elites of the WEF have said. It's about centralized control of everything- food, energy, movement, thought, with a little population reduction thrown in on the side. Guaranteed none of them will miss a meal or do without heating.

  12. This club members are actively working to create chaos in western societies.

  13. Not chaos. Destruction. And most western leaders are part of the club. Could be why the US keeps trying to bring down Hungary among others.

  14. All the G20 nations are on board. And they want to promote a single player to give trillions of dollars to to control it all, according to King Charles. Though he never mentioned who this "he" is that their thinking of elevating.

  15. Never forget this guy’s name backwards is Meekah.

  16. The brigade is going to hate this article but the ongoing collapse of the Canadian healthcare system is a lesson for all. Socialized healthcare simply doesn’t work, literally every country on the planet except for Canada, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela have at least some privatized options for healthcare. Now we’re learning why that’s the case.

  17. If she is so unhappy living in the USA then why is she still here? She has money and could move to what ever utopian country she can find.

  18. Most on this sub have said all along that the true purpose of the J6 Committee was to "focus almost entirely on Trump", less to promote Cheney than to damage Trump and MAGA for 2022 and 2024. Any committee staffer that thought the purpose was to investigate the hows and whys of "law enforcement and intelligence community’s failure to assess the looming threat and prepare for the well-forecast attack on the Capitol" was naive if not delusional.

  19. Between the beginning of this year and now deaths among the vaxed went from 42% to 58%. Think the CDC is looking into possible issues with the shrinking efficacy of the jab?

  20. Per citizen, the US is the worst offender, and China wouldn’t have nearly as many emissions if we didn’t buy all of our crap from them “because it’s cheap”

  21. If you're a greeniac, what should be most important is the amount of CO2 released, not the level of responsibility per resident. The US exports a tremendous amount every year, in 2021 $1.754 trillion worth of goods and 10.1% of our GDP. The US is not the end user of a lot of whatever products pollution is blamed on. Our production is more energy efficient and less polluting that that of other countries. E.G. while the US pays close attention to the handling of oil and gas wastewater, regulating and continually improving, Venezuela has been turned into an ecological disaster zone by their oil & gas industry.

  22. Yep. Same song second (third/fourth)verse. Another $40 million for some overused overwrought phrases the media can hyperventilate over: “stunning development”, “walls are closing in”, “game-changer,” leaks, supposition by media "experts" all of which will be nothing. The goal is not to ferret out wrongdoing, it's to throw dirt at Trump and everyone with a R next to their name. This is how a leftist Democrat Administration rolls.

  23. Not her first foray into representing "other" or foreign interests. Post Ukrainian coupe she was the "

  24. There are clues present in the very first IPCC climate change report. When I read the section on population, I became concerned. I think there is a deliberate attempt to slow population growth, and even eliminate some of the human population. It is more subtle than overt, but I think there are people in power around the globe trying to ensure we don't become too many.

  25. Totally believable when you consider the normalization of sterilization of youths and abortion, the steps taken to reduce food production/availability,

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