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  • By - kchek

  1. 2012 IT A-school graduate here. I’ve seen the cyber, cutter and ESD side of things so I feel i have a well rounded perspective.

  2. Probably the fine tuning argument. It doesn’t make me a theist but it does move the needle from about 99% confident a god doesn’t exist to maybe 97%.

  3. "The attempt to deny or stifle a truth because it is yet obscure in its outward workings and too often represented by obscurantist superstition or a crude faith, is itself a kind of obscurantism"

  4. I would personally view much of it as obscurantist superstition or crude faith. An argument against the Bible is not an argument against the existence of what we might call "God". That's the thinking behind the quote.

  5. Of course not. But without the context you provided it’s impossible to determine what the point of the quote was.

  6. L-Theanine has been amazing for me and you don’t get the grogginess that comes with sedatives.

  7. So sending them from one American city to another American city. Seems a little bizarre. Send them back to their country of origin.

  8. Can you reference one of his policy positions that make it impossible to deport? Forgive me if I don’t trust and a Twitter thread.

  9. Show me the logical premises you used to arrive at that conclusion.

  10. Sure. Christians love their God. Man is created in that God’s image. You don’t hurt people you value. Freedom is the state of politics when people aren’t hurting other people.

  11. I don’t agree with the overall premises but I disagree the most with your definition of freedom.

  12. That’s silly. If you became a cop would you automatically become a bastard? They’re just people, some are shitty some aren’t. Reform is exactly what we need especially since “Defund the police” is deeply unpopular with everyday Americans. Get mental health experts in there. Modify the training. Screen applicants better. All of that change requires funding.

  13. Thank you for the reply. I feel like the two sides of this debate the reform/abolish are talking past each other while fundamentally agreeing on the solution. By reform I essentially mean what you described. Hand off the majority of the responsibilities to to mental health professionals. Although I do still believe there is a time and place a police officer to use lethal force. I’m not sure how you feel about that? Perhaps you could be more specific in the future when you describe your intent? I think that’s why defund or abolish the police isn’t popular. People assume it means take away the police and leave a gaping vacancy filled by no one.

  14. You can do all those things, but they won't be the same as they are on earth. Scripture doesn't describe the afterlife, other than comparison it to what we translate as paradise. Anyone claiming to know for a fact what happens is mistaken

  15. I think that there's a strong possibility that it's a meaningless question, similar to asking if love has free will

  16. I think there’s a strong possibility free will does exist in heaven. For example, Satan and all the fallen angels had the ability and drive to commit evil. If all angels have free will then it’s logical to conclude humans, as superior beings to angels, would also posses free will in heaven.

  17. He's had plenty of evidence, but nothing will convince a democrat. Case in point, you watched a whole impeachment charade involving pay for play, and saw video of Biden actually doing it. Then just shrugged it off. Believe me, it's not for lack of evidence.

  18. What’s the best piece of evidence for voter fraud that convinced you?

  19. I moved out of Oregon to a state 2000 miles away in July 2020 and registered to vote in my new state. I voted at the polls on November 3rd 2020 in my new state. In November 5th I logged on to the website to track ballots in Oregon (where mail in voting has been the standard since 1998) and to my not surprise, a ballot in my name was sent to my Oregon address, filled out and signed, returned, and counted in the 2020 election. So someone cast a ballot in my name, in a state I hadn't lived in for 4 months, while I was voting at the polls 2000 miles away.

  20. Have you alerted the authorities about someone voting in your name? What were the results of that?

  21. Ah ha ha ha here we go! Now it’s filters and camera tricks and zooming in and out. Anything to have you deny your own senses. 😅🤣🤣🤣 It gets smaller there is obvious evidence to support that fact, I have pictures of the sunset, I have taken them, they aren’t on my phone which is why I used the ones I had here with me. No worries though, the truth is clear we do not live on a spinning ball and no other object in the sky can refute that. 😅🤫

  22. I have witnessed hundreds of sunsets in my life. At no point in time have I ever witnessed anything even remotely like what is shown in this video.

  23. Where the fuck did this 'flat earth' bullshit come from? Its just weird!! Surely no one actually believes it? The amount of evidence regarding the shape of our planet is overwhelming. Its literally one step away from a padded cell and painting pictures on the walls with your own shit !

  24. My mother is absolutely convinced the earth is a fuckin frisbee flying through space

  25. I think he means Winter as in the months that in the Northern hemisphere are usually associated with Winter.

  26. Correct, I probably should have said summer (relative to Antarctica) but to me those months are winter.

  27. Oceans don't curve. It's really as easy as that. You can prove it yourself with very little effort.

  28. I’m a Christian. But I could never fathom making any women of any age, carry a pregnancy that was conceived from assault or incest. Not all Christian’s are insane like this lady. No, I don’t think abortion should be used as repeat birth control. But women should also have the right to choose, up to the end of the 1st trimester. 2nd trimester abortions should be limited to termination because of fetal birth defects that would severely impact the child’s quality of life, if they made it to full term/defects harming baby in utero, or anything that puts moms life at risk.

  29. I’m begging someone to provide me one (1) example of a woman aborting a perfectly healthy fetus at nine months pregnant because she suddenly decided she didn’t want to have it anymore.

  30. It basically doesn’t happen. And even as a pro choice person I would be against it. You’re looking at a normal viable newborn at 9 months.

  31. If it doesn’t happen then there’s nothing to be against. The only circumstance it happens in is if something has gone horribly wrong with the baby and the mother is in danger.

  32. I’m against laws that restrict early term abortions which happen all the time. You dumb or something?

  33. From my experience pulling stuff out of the ground on farms, it’s almost impossible to tell. Unless it looks like something rather specific this may just be some kind of bracket or attachment point. If you live in an area that used to be farmland you could easily assume it came from an agricultural piece of equipment. Based on its look, probably less than 80 years old and more than 30 years old.

  34. I'm open to it going to the courts and presenting evidence if necessary. For example, in the case of a Christian, I would expect them to be able to open the Bible and explain from the Bible why they hold the conviction that they hold. I would expect for the church that they are a part of to all hold and teach the same belief. I would expect for you to be able to interview friends, family, coworkers, etc and see if they agree that it is a true conviction that they live consistently by. I would expect for them to be able to explain when and where the conviction should and shouldn't apply. For example, in this case I would expect them to say no to weddings but yes to a birthday or retirement party.

  35. If a lawsuit is required in every case It seems a rather arduous process to determine a person’s true intent as either sincere or discriminatory.

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