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  1. Gotcha by Digga D , Vybz Kartel, Unknown T and Sean D

  2. Craziest notification i've received on my phone for a while

  3. yeah thats my fault probably should have posted diggas story instead

  4. cgm is just music thing imo its still 1011 and their basically the same just run in different circles

  5. their dickriding chicago stop trying to leech of their culture it’s embarrassing

  6. Don’t gas it it’s literally a pic on someone else’s story. Obv he’s gonna delete the pic now he’s posted it.

  7. Man I remember you posted a video of some kid being forced to do push ups. You got mad fetish

  8. the kid was ronaldos son being pressured and how does one post=fetish u fucking retard k¥s

  9. the 98s are really a task force set up by the feds to take down rapists and pedos if u think about it

  10. "I ain't riding today lads, some yute messaged me and opened my eyes"

  11. swear fredos boy done the same thing recently he mentioned it on his latest track

  12. Very! Imagine the consequences from the authorises over there

  13. Not sure if this was posted here at any point but, KY (NPK) is Walkz cousin and appeared in one of Walkz's videos 4 years ago. He's now locked and awaiting trial for the murder of 6ix (OFB).

  14. That he was in a reaction with Walkz or he's his cousin?

  15. Yeah I said that he was scratching ppl with his knife whilst suspect was putting it in ppls chest and watching it come out the back and digga was slapping it in the air whilst sus was tryna take of C2s head

  16. i heard a clip of that intro song and it made me wanna listen to more

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