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  1. So kids will now harm their bladder or pee themselves. They did that when I was a kid and school felt like prison when being denied of basic human needs. Kids would pee themselves and face public humiliation .

  2. I’m not saying negative opinions shouldn’t be voiced, but staying with it when it just puts people down is what should be stopped.

  3. That’s on you getting to offended at a word. Not me.

  4. It is funny how a forum of a substance that literally causes synesthesia or heightens it gets such a response when people are annoyed with a word . Ever thought the sound of the word sounded harsh or cringey to the point a person tripping actually makes them feel negative feelings or body sensations ? Do others not feel sound when tripping ? I thought having all sensed mixed up was common because it happens to me every time. It isn’t so much being offended because it is annoying . It just feels very wrong.

  5. No, have been here long enough where I want to stay home and be away from crowds and not spend money .

  6. Thanks this was very helpful. It is good to know it isn’t so expensive in South America . The extortionist prices are what I found in the US North east. So that is what I will do , I will try to get in touch them somebody that could know of one in this area .

  7. In a retreat you have people to take care of you and know what to do to rescue you from a bad trip. In your home you're on your own and things can get uglier then you imagine. Read this and ask yourself if it is worth the risk:

  8. But only those with money can afford retreats . The ones in my area are too expensive for most people . So should we accept it as only a medicine for the rich unless we live in South and Central America ?

  9. Just a horrible mushroom period. Tried once, that was all I needed. I can see how people would not like mushrooms if that was the shroom their experience was based upon.

  10. Not everyone hated them . A bit of research will tell you it will feel more like a dissociative . To me it felt closer to ketamine than psilocybin. I wasn’t pukey . I also don’t think it was horrible . Did you know have the weird , vivid dreams on it ? I don’t find it fair to call it horrible based only on your experience . The most interesting parts come when you are asleep .

  11. It was a strange time warp and filter effect.. like a dream state that speed up and slowed down, warped perception and strange feeling of not knowing where I was. Alice in wonderland made a lot more sense after this experience, kinda what precipitated the event to begin with. Yes, dissociative but nothing enjoyable like mxe or ketamine at for me. To each there own.

  12. For some reason I don’t do well on Ketamine. The two times I used it everything was in a loop . Sound and images . Then ego death but a weird ego death . This , maybe I didn’t take a large enough dose . I don’t know . My experience mostly happened when I dreamed . It was a little weird and space was a little off . It wasn’t strong but am wondering if my dosage is the difference I hear of many that hate it . I like shrooms a lot more but I found fly agaric made me laugh and sleep but nothing too strong .

  13. Shroom vendor in the park disappeared. He was probably found out . This is easily sold at a corner store . I have one source for actual mushrooms . I just personally like this brand of chocolate bar .

  14. I just found some in Upstate NY, I did a few hours of research on preparation and tried them for the first time . The experience was very strange but not bad.

  15. I get pretty tired of people blaming being an absolute slob exclusively on depression. If you're a relatively tidy person, you're not going to all of a sudden start leaving 60 coke cans in your bedroom. Sure, in some cases, people just give up on everything. But it's pretty easy to tell when someones just making excuses.

  16. Actually, you can turn from tidy to messy due to depression. You have no strength to do much of anything but lie in bed . People who say things like this likely never experienced it.

  17. Mental health has become the great scapegoat of why someone can’t do this or that. It really has gotten out of control. Not that there aren’t legit cases, but I think a lot of people use it as an unquestionable defense.

  18. Clearly you never had panic attacks . You can’t really control where they will happen

  19. Nope . Not all of us like to watch the same thing many times . I find it boring . I hate memes that are stereotypes.

  20. Psychedelics also can heighten the ego and make everything in the world seem far more real. You do know your memories and identity is part of yourself ? I think you misinterpreted eastern philosophy.

  21. I would say a minimum 5 hours . I often trip in the morning or noonish when my stomach is empty from a night or sleep. They will hit but not as hard .

  22. Fungi decompose trees . If you hike in the woods you can find so many mushrooms on trees and decaying branches on the ground .

  23. You’ve clearly never mixed LSD and shrooms. Stop gate keeping. yes, going overboard when you aren’t experienced isn’t smart, but they can be used in many different ways for many different situations. The idea that they are only medicines or for spiritual work is just not true and the idea they should only be used in the way you enjoy is ridiculous. I use them for many different reasons. Sometimes I microdose and sometimes I take heroic doses. I’ve done ayahuasca ceremonies, and I enjoy taking them when I party at music festivals(especially when I mix them!). They can help heal you, they can be used as a release or an escape or just to party. It’s not one size fits all.

  24. Yeah, so for some real feedback, you aren't the least bit ugly. I think that if you clean up the eyebrows, you will be completely on point. Maybe some makeup tutorials would also help if you want to mix it up. That's literally it... you shouldn't even have felt the need to post on this sub lol. You have every reason to be confident.

  25. Well, anyone who follows this sub has issues and the fact it exists is disturbing. I just found this in my feed and saddened that teenage kids are asking and am reddit if they are ugly. This really is toxic .

  26. I’m saying that because you found them in a storage locker, you don’t know how long they have been in there and may have gone bad by now if they were poorly stored. Just saying be careful is all

  27. They could tear them and if they crumble easy, they have been dried long enough . You can tell by breaking them .

  28. Yes, everything is mostly everyday chemicals that won't bat an eye. Paint thinner, mason jars, sodium hydroxide (aka lye, commonly used for cleaning drains), not very hard stuff to get your hands on.

  29. I want to try but unsure how much I feel safe smoking anything with paint thinner . I have only used acid and shrooms. However can’t find DMT and feel I should make it .

  30. I think your assessment is right. People want low-cost magic bullets. That’s not the way the world works. Furthermore, the psychiatric profession overemphasizes bio-psycho determinants of health and under appreciates how depressing social conditions are. When our lives are meaningless, lonely, and stressful, it’s natural to be depressed.

  31. It can be a magic bullet for people who are extremely self aware and reflective. It helped my depression far more than any therapist or prescribed drug . I took them at home too and without a guide . I have been going to doctor since I was a small child and mushrooms helped far more than any of that. .

  32. You can digest it more safely if prepared correctly . It wont feel like psilocybin but it will feel like a dissociative .

  33. I had a last minute move after my first flush . I refrigerated it to prevent mold and further growth . It may not be ideal but when I came back after a week , my cakes were still good . They grew a second flush . In the future , people should consider wrapping it up and putting it in a fridge if they have to go away . I am not sure it always works but saved mine

  34. I would think it would depend on the person. If we are talking anti social personality disorder , they are not all evil or all act on impulse .

  35. I know McKenna get a lot of hate in this sub but even he was an avid follower of jung.

  36. I feel like we gotta start gatekeeping foraging just a little because I’ve seen an uptick recently in people confidently misidentifying things that barely resemble the species they thought it was. My local mushroom fb group is awful and scary because half the members just say whatever species pops into their head when they see a picture of a mushroom, and they’re usually wrong.

  37. I know it doesn’t look special, but try looking at it while tripping yourself or very high to unlock all the different layers hidden inside.

  38. Just let the mushrooms guide you and it doesn’t matter how it looks . It is creative expression on a substance that heightens it . I love panting on shrooms and seeing my art move .

  39. When I do it , I don’t give a shit how the final product will look . I just let the shrooms guide my hands . I love doing art on shrooms and this is really cool.

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