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  1. Yes there is a connection apparently. I saw a study about strep. Which I believe is what caused mine. I would get strep . 2-3 times every year. Became scarlet fever a couple of times. Started having narcolepsy symptoms and havent had it since. Apparently being sick a lot or for extended periods can cause your immune system to become overactive.

  2. I had strep during the fall for two weeks, 5 years in a row. I haven't had it since and read about how this is likely a cause. I don't get sick ever now. Maybe once every 5 years. I was diagnosed a year ago after a sleep deprived seizure.

  3. Same here. Very rarely get sick. I remember the last time I went to the doctor. He said next time we going to take your tonsils out. Never had it again. Lol

  4. I have a strong feeling N2 is inflicted by illness or viruses. Makes me wonder how N1 comes about. Genetics also has a part. I have a cousin with N1.

  5. If poor people shouldn't have kids I wouldn't exist. My parents never had money but they never made me feel like I had to worry about that. We didn't have it all but I grew up well built rather than well decorated. I'm not poor myself because they taught me to carry on that way. They had a lot of support from family members too. They just didn't make a whole lot in the jobs they chose. I learned so much for that. They LOVED their jobs and didn't need more money.

  6. Oh, I certainly did mean to reply to the whole thread but, this will do. Probably be down voted into oblivion as per usual.

  7. I think you're reading into things too much, just based on the information of this post. Some people just don't think it's right to permanently alter your body, regardless of whether they are childfree or not.

  8. Sane answer ^ I also don't want my husband to get snipped when there's really no reason to. He's in agreement though. An unnecessary surgery, even if it's easy or routine.

  9. It makes me so happy to see posts like this. As someone with NT2, I wonder if it’ll be effective for us soon.

  10. This is my biggest problem as an avid coffee drinker. I have a nice french press and having my morning coffee is one of the highlights of my day, but damn it I can never get to the bottom of the cup without having to shit my brains out.

  11. If it's diarrhea shits you're likely allergic. If it's normal poops you should equal your caffeine intake out with more water. 1 cup of coffee to 1 cup of water.

  12. Just wanted to point out I had a negative MSLT test. I'm N2 and I checked off a whole list of things that qualify outside the test.

  13. I didn’t know that could happen, thanks for letting me know. Also wow, you deal with a lot, hope it gets figured out!

  14. I had to fight pretty hard and prove I wasn't just making it all up. Luckily having the same doctor in my whole life helped me, plus the seizures really helped. Even though it wasn't fun.

  15. Maybe don't blow them, but do fill them with water after use and check that there weren't any holes you couldn't notice before use. Don't check this way (or by blowing) before use because it would weaken the condom and make it more likely to fail, but definitely do afterwards because if you do spot a leak you need to run to get plan B asap (and possibly STD testing a little later, too).

  16. Also, when pulling out hold the base of the condom so it doesn’t slip off. If you do ejaculate inside of her make sure to pull out before losing your erection as semen can spill out or the condom can slip off.

  17. Boundaries are super important in a relationship. Making sure you let the other person know how you feel about a certain situation / event or opinion matters. Apologize for snooping, but tell him you were concerned or curious about the long extended bathroom breaks. Try not to be mad at him but express it's disheartening and upsetting he would need the comfort of another woman. That this was a clear violation of your morals, values and relationship boundaries. Evoke that you would like to return to sex eventually and would feel upset to have to compete with another live person. Ask him to explain his attraction and reasoning. Try not to shame him for it. He is human, and we all have our "sins". Request him to stop because of x,y,z.

  18. I second this. I always go to MTL for food and man .... Blown away every time I try a new shop.

  19. Almonte butcher throws down a mean sandwitch game. Chilli is bomb as well. Their soup also to die for.

  20. They have some baller curry sausage rolls and the best chocolate chip cookies ever made. My work is so close we have sandwich days there. As well as use them for catering! Nom!

  21. Definitely just call and ask the LTB because they will be the only people who can help you have a clear idea of what your mom can do. Reddit isn't much help aside from telling you the right people to call. Based on the fact that Reddit isn't in your or your mom's shoes. We can only guess, and sympathise. Legal help and finding out your mom's rights is the first step.

  22. I'm not putting the Chicken Dance on a playlist...

  23. Sufferer of sleep paralysis throughout childhood and now rare in adulthood. Honestly the best thing that worked for me and this will sound crazy - - eat like half a banana 🍌 before sleepy time. Trust meeeeeee.

  24. I wish I had a banana for every time I had sleep paralysis. 90% of my time waking up or falling asleep. Just a rare case of extreme sleep paralysis issues. The banana thing does work well. I do find if I get enough good sugars, iron and water I sleep better. I'm also Narcoleptic.

  25. “Until you’re in remission” - this wording might make it seem like there’s a decent probability you’ll end up having that experience, OP, but it very much is not the norm.

  26. You can actually have N2 from an underlying issue. If it's recognised and treated properly it can be pushed back to just managing the underlying issues. This is not all cases, but can be. Always get a second opinion. I have pushed for a second opinion for ages to have my suspicions validated. My doctors pushed me as N1 but I KNEW I didn't have Cateplexy. I have Anemia, N2, and Epilepsy. If I keep my Anemia at bay I can avoid tons of Narcoleptic symptoms. If I can't I have to control my Narcolepsy symptoms or I'll have epilepsy.

  27. Insomnia/messed up circadian rhythms, sleepwalking, night terrors, and a single instance of sleep paralysis

  28. I have Narcolepsy, get a sleep test done. I have Insomnia, sleep paralysis, night terrors and more. You definitely need to get your sleep back on track. Sleep deprived bodies cause a whole lot of issues. I don't sleep properly and when I'm severely sleep deprived I'm chaotic. Mentally, and physically. Your mind plays major tricks on you.

  29. Neither CBD nor THC helped me. THC makes it worse for symptoms and CBD doesn't do anything. Smoked, vaped, eaten MJ doesn't helps me.

  30. I had to quit drinking. I'm drunk in two drinks because of the medication. It's not wise for me to drink while on the medication I'm for Narcolepsy. Unfortunately.

  31. If you have adhd, they usually aren't addictive ironically

  32. Just want to point out that I'm on the highest dose of Concerta allowed to me. It just makes my baseline normal. I take it for Narcolepsy, ironically have ADHD as well. Few birds with that stone. Anyways, I'm not even slightly addicted. I've stopped a few times for 5 days the longest, due to getting sick. Nothing happens. Without it I just have my normal Narcolepsy side effects.

  33. To me this sounds like your channelling just fine but grounding & closing your connection at the end is where you need to focus your energy. Making sure all connections are returned to their proper homes. I would think that your higher self is an element water. Ask your guides to help you to release this extra energy in a more appropriate manner. As well as learning to return your energy during meditation, and connection back to the earth or its right spot. Close each session after you feel your energies are fully grounded in a special way you see fit. Like a chant, special talisman, smoke, special words ect.

  34. I want to tell you it's your kitty. The Sleep Paralysis demon in me says to get it looked at just in case. Depending on your health, age and state there could be other things at play. One of those things is circulation issues, animia or minor heart issues that can cause tingling or other sensations "heavy, numbing, crawling sensation , shocks, bruises ect". Especially if it happens regularly. My source is constantly hospitalised and poked at by doctors.

  35. It happens when I'm wide awake just hanging out on my phone in bed

  36. Mimics, in my opinion, are the assholes of the spirit world. They are a bit like a houseguest who overstays their welcome and is invasive. What you are describing sounds benign. I find mimicking to be fascinating but generally unwanted. I have had paranormal things happen around me all my life. It doesn't matter the history of where you are, it can happen anywhere. If this was my home, I would have a talk with the mimic out loud. As a couple, tell them that you acknowledge that are there but ask/tell them to stop. I have had very good luck with this approach. Best of luck.

  37. I would call someone experienced, just in case? Seems like this could swing either direction.

  38. This made me laugh so much. I lost what I was reading about. 2 points for unintentionally snorting. I haven't used soup like that in ages.

  39. The worst pizza you could ever buy. I have no idea what's worse aside from frozen supermarket pizzas.

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