1. I gave up on wish of the day too, it just felt like another daily that had a very low chance of paying off

  2. I actually did get the wish of the day after many years and they accidentally sent me double the item for some reason!

  3. To me it smells like mildew. I thought I got a bad bottle. Went back into the store and smelled the tester. Nope, just smells like mildew to me.

  4. I haven’t had surgery for it but in my work up for chronic constipation they wanted to do pelvic floor work up. I thought it was weird since I had no children. How could I have pelvic floor issues? I mean I do pee all the time, and I am chronically constipated, and I can’t feel when I’m pushing to go number two, but me in my early twenties? Pelvic floor issues? No way! My mom had pelvic floor issues, but she had four kids and had to have extensive surgery and physical therapy. But I ended up having a pretty significant rectocele which explained why I couldn’t empty when I went number two. I thought it would be more humiliating to tell my partner but it wasn’t at all. It’s not my main symptom but because of the chronic constipation it does impact me.

  5. You need to ask to be under someone else (aka a new supervisor). And you should ask to speak to their HR. Ask to speak to HR for two reasons, one so that way you can come up with a plan for what to do when your unwell, and also most importantly to make them aware of your supervisors behavior.

  6. I find that cold brew since it’s less acidic doesn’t trigger my reflux as much. Also it could be what you’re adding to your coffee if your adding anything like milk or creamer. For years I thought coffee just gave me the runs but turns out I was just ignoring the fact I’m lactose intolerant lol

  7. I also have a hand tremor and do dollhouses/ miniatures! I think RGT has some great kits with big enough pieces that you should be able to use with just your hands for most of their kits. Like you said you could get premade furniture and that’s what I do. I’m more into making soft textiles, like bedding. Which when you have a hand tremor you tend to poke yourself with seeing needles and pins a lot. I find if I’m working on placing something in just the right spot or doing a very fine line, if I grip my wrist of my dominant hand with my other hand and guide it, it helps. I also just accept sometimes I’m going to make a mess and get glue or paint everywhere. I often also know over things, which is all just part of the fun lol.

  8. NAD I’ve just had a prolonged QT before and know a fair amount about it. I saw in another comment that you take Zofran. Zofran along with other nausea medications, antidepressants, and more can cause prolonged QT. Sometimes your HR may be high during the EKG and it throws off the QT reading and makes it less accurate. But as you mentioned in another comment your HR was normal. It could also be that your leads were placed incorrectly and that was an error on the technicians part. However it seems like you have some other medical issues and either a personal or family history of long QT syndrome. This needs to be addressed with a doctor ASAP as long QT can be deadly. If you start experiencing things such as dizziness, syncope, or if you feel light headed I would suggest that you go to the ER.

  9. A truly good doctor who spent over a decade obtaining a post secondary education would be way too busy to come on Reddit and complain about patients. I couldn’t imagine any of my doctors (even some of the lackluster ones) sitting down on Reddit after taking patients all day, then charting, then doing research or attending conferences plus attending to their families or whatever other administrative work they have to do. I think a lot of people on those reddits are “doctors” or disgruntled premeds.

  10. Thank you for this comment, I've noticed a lot of them are premeds. Although some of them are supposedly "verified PhD and MD" through the subreddits I don't know what they do to verify that but it sketches me out even thinking that's a possibility

  11. Yes I truly just can’t see a lot of doctors (who keep in mind are usually in their thirties starting out) sitting down on Reddit after a 12+ hour day of dealing with people to hate on a certain group. Does it happen sometimes? Probably. Does it happen off of Reddit? Certainly. But please remember that these faceless people aren’t worth a moment of your time. You can pretend to be whoever and say you have whatever qualifications. You know your pain, symptoms, and struggles are real. Don’t let some one on the internet scare you out of receiving proper healthcare. Yes bad doctors exist, but so do good doctors, and in between their are mostly a whole bunch of mediocre doctors who may not really listen all that well but they cooperate and run the tests you need ran, and that’s all you could really ask for. So please, don’t listen to those pricks.

  12. Plan a trip to Europe and finally marry my fiancé. On a more practical level though I would probably go take a drive by myself, I haven’t done that in nearly two and a half years.

  13. I wouldn’t say I’m allergic to it but the last two times I’ve had it I’ve thrown up right afterwards so I warn the doctor beforehand and they usually just order it without contrast.

  14. If your hairs is to the point where it’s gummy it may be best to cut it. Also you mentioned using a bleach kit, I would suggest in the future using a lower volume developer and powder bleach that you can buy at the beauty supply store, so that way you know the strength of what you’re putting on your hair. I don’t have any advice on the olaplex but one thing I use is this mask by the shea moisture brand every time I wash my hair (about twice a week), and that helps keep it shiny and somewhat soft.

  15. If you ever feel the need to rebel against him…. Bear Down with some good ol orange and blue locks 🧡💙😆 haha but in all seriousness, love that he paid you to rock that awesome ‘do!

  16. Haha now there is a thought lol! I actually unintentionally did Ravens purple last time (I am from MD), I didn’t even realize what I had done until someone said something to me when I was at the grocery store 😅🤣

  17. I am thankful am I haven’t had Covid (I think). I had something upper respiratory in the beginning of March 2020 but it felt more like allergies and I don’t recall having a fever. I have been vaccinated but got vaccinated later than most due to some medical testing I was going through (a few months later than when it opened up for everyone in my state so not super late but still). I still wear a mask in any store or doctors office or any place like that. I haven’t been out to eat due to my stomach conditions more so than Covid but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that, unless it was outside. I used to wear my mask in the parking lot until I got in the car but now I don’t do that unless it’s pretty crowded. All of the people I interact with are vaccinated but I would not have someone knowingly in my house who isn’t vaccinated. Whenever I have had say plumbers or electricians over I wear a mask if I’m in the same room.

  18. “If it’s on the wipe, you’re alright. If it’s in the bowl you’re in the hole.”

  19. I lived in Baltimore as a child and I frequently go there for medical visits. Fuck the traffic. - A person who now has to deal with the potholes of Glen Burnie

  20. I can eat most of the time. Mostly because I know if I don’t eat it makes my POTS worse, and I’m less likely to stay hydrated. Sometimes I will literally eat by the toilet even though I know it’s going to come up in approximately ten minutes. Also hunger makes the pain worse. If my flare is really bad though eating is really difficult and then I just rely on ensures and peanut butter. I lost a lot of weight in the first year (about 40 pounds), but the clinic I was in put me on neuromodulators (aka antidepressants and antipsychotics), and antipsychotics made me gain all of that weight back and then some. They didn’t really help with the nausea though. I haven’t heard of that drug though. I will have to show it to my doctor! It looks like it may still be in trial stages though based off of some quick research I’ve done.

  21. Speaking of thumbs: do any normi-collagen people have hitchhiker thumbs? People always stared at mine and I could never figure out if it’s hypermobility related.

  22. My fiancé who is not hyper mobile at all has hitch hiker thumbs I just checked lol

  23. I don’t like it either, but for me it’s just way overpowering with vanilla not lack of smell that’s the issue.

  24. I know you mentioned that it’s more often now but the fact that you mentioned once a month sounds like cyclic vomiting syndrome. Also if your feeling dizzy and causes such as dehydration and low blood sugar have been ruled out you should maybe look into dysautonomia

  25. For me it was bad. I had an abscess in my tonsils and they were the biggest my ENT had ever seen. The first day wasn’t terrible as I was still high from what they give you during surgery. However once night hit I realized what I had gotten myself into. I threw up blood. The pain in my ears was horrific (they don’t warn you about that). My salivary glands were inflamed to the point I had a spit rag next to me on my bed. I only ate because I had to in order to take my pain medication. I lost probably 10-15 pounds and back then I was already really thin to begin with due to being so sick for months. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. It was one of the best things I have done for my health. I used to get horrible sore throats and sinus infections that would last weeks. I rarely get those any more. Like I said I had an abscess that wasn’t going to heal so it needed to come out anyways. When I would get sick at night my tonsils would swell up to the point where I would choke on them and wake up gagging, I know longer have that problem. Yes the recovery is horrible, but I got away with stopping the RX meds five or so days after and just stick to Tylenol for a few more days. You feel miserable, but think about how miserable you have felt every time with strep, a sinus infection, or a really bad virus that lingers. Plus no more foul smelling tonsil stones!

  26. I have colonic inertia basically I won’t go if I don’t use some type of laxative. I’ve tried all of the prescription ones too, and NONE of them worked for me. The only thing that sort of works is drinking 3-4 doses of miralax daily. You can drink “as much as you want” according to my GI, and you body doesn’t become “addicted” to it like other laxatives. When I need a clean out I put 14 servings in a pitcher with Gatorade and about a day later it makes it’s way through and I’m one the toilet for the next 48 hours.

  27. A lot of people already have you great advice about your resume so here are two things that are a little bit different. The first one being that you should tap into your social network, almost every job I have had is because I knew somebody. The one exception to that being when I just walked into a place asking if they were hiring, they needed someone to work the exact hours I was available, and boom I got the job. But anyways if you can get one of your friends, family members, team members, someone who you volunteered with to put in a good word for you, it will make all of the difference. Second you may want to apply for jobs that fit your experience. You said you applied to McDonalds, but you have experience working with children. Why not work at a childcare center or a pediatricians office at the front desk? Use your skills you already have to your advantage! Good luck in your job hunt!

  28. I think I would rather have a camera watch me on the toilet or while sleeping (and I sleep talk LOUDLY), then have one zoom in on me eating at all hours of the day. I love these old early 2000s British diet shows though!

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