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  1. Luke, did I ever tell you about the Ahsoka Tano copy-pasta? It was your father’s favourite thing to post on reddit, a fine piece of rage-bait from a more civilized age. It had the tightest write-up and the perkiest little jokes in the galaxy; barely allowed in most subreddits.

  2. If from Qatar's rules you wish to flee, go to special fan zone C.

  3. No Lisa, the only Monster here is the 10-year old boy that has enslaved this town. I call him Bortlor!

  4. It's over Cameron, I have the high ground! - George Lucas (2022)

  5. You see those legs there Homer? That's why your robot never worked.

  6. My interpretation is that i is assigned to 69 on every iteration, and there is no terminating condition

  7. Whoops, school boy error. Fixed it now... Though I do think the original would have been fun too.

  8. I saw Mr Simpson and Mrs Flanders on the table grabbing peanuts, and I saw one of the peanuts and the peanut looked at me.

  9. everything on iplayer has a note saying when it will be on there until

  10. Just as an example find the a-z of tv cooking, under where you click to play it tells you

  11. Ah, I can see that on the iPlayer website, it doesn't appear there though for the webos app though.

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