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  1. Yeah. I’ve be trying to learn more about Oracles and how they work myself.

  2. Watch out. Uncle Sam will want his short term capital gains tax next tax year. Lol.

  3. None of us know. But it does give us a little bit of financial freedom

  4. I swear, reading comprehension is going down the drain if people legitimately think this dude is like some cool sigma male chad guy or whatever. He's the shallow yuppie asshole stereotype taken to the extreme. A person who is insecure to the point where he kills (or hallucinates killing) people who make him feel inferior.

  5. Think he did do those things. Think another book by Ellis it mentions him doing some messed up things as a kid.

  6. Ah, interesting. I haven't read any of his other works and always thought it was left ambiguous on purpose.

  7. Yeah. Think he’s mentioned in Rules of Attraction. Read American Psycho a long time ago but yeah, he does some pretty sick stuff. Lol.

  8. You looking at me muthafucka. I know you ain’t looking at me.

  9. Their handling of this is horrible, no doubt, but market conditions do change and change fast. The alternative of going bankrupt is far worse.

  10. You realize you're disproving yourself by saying it's horrible and yet comparing that bankruptcy would be far worse.

  11. Should have clarified. meant their communication to their customers of and about the changes.

  12. The bird shit all over her chair and backpack… fuck.

  13. It’s funny, for me at least. Saturday and Sunday morning is the cheapest.

  14. Yup. Use to use Uniswap to swap Ethereum for Bone. Switch to Shibaswap myself.

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