1. I wonder if tucker will still find him sexually attractive with this new outfit?

  2. They realistically can't and it's the reason I struggle to ever support them.

  3. So burn the country down to a Christian theocracy… to own the libs?

  4. Isn’t there a grind playlist with only large maps or did they remove it?

  5. I mean, these folks also believe the president controls inflation, gas prices, and every other thing ever.

  6. Depends. I like living in the central time zone, but I’m in the Chicago metro.

  7. Take the socialism for the wealthy, where losses and expenses are taxpayer burdens, and do away with them.

  8. Prayers for your meat. 🙏 Gotta take care of that

  9. This is a Tippmann 98 one of the most durable paintball markers ever made. There are a lot of parts and upgrades available for these to truly make it your own. Enjoy!

  10. Unfortunately it isn’t a 98 Custom. Just a model 98, so the upgrades will require some additional work that really isn’t worth trying to do.

  11. I’m really impressed OP found a straight up 98 still. I think they stopped making them in the early 2000s

  12. Drive through Iowa and you wouldn't think that a red state would be so enamored with wind turbines. Climate change should be a conservative issue, and actually it used to be an issue with broad bipartisan support.

  13. By those numbers, the vaccine would have killed about a thousands times as many people as the virus. Or maybe G*d just really hates that family.

  14. Biden did get 81 million votes.. that's not up for debate really. What is up for debate is did Biden get 81 million votes from 81,000,000 people.

  15. The Automaton is a pretty disgusting weapon, too, it has zero downsides.

  16. hey but have you seen our sunsets!? totally unique.

  17. What you guys don't understand is that the whole market is down so of course DWAC is down a little too. This is because of sleepy Joe and libtard policies. However TMTG (and thus DWAC) are in a winner-takes-all position here. What happens during an economic downturn? People go out less and feel depressed. Depressed people staying at home tend to sleep more. What do sleeping people need? Pillows. Who advertises on TMTG? Pillow companies. As more people sleep and thus buy pillows so the pillow companies have more ad dollars to spend which will drive TMTG revenues to the moon.

  18. I didn't say tax rates. Taxes. Ever lived in a large city specifically a Democrat controlled City or state? I live in California, and if you do then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

  19. Not all. The overall cost of living is still less in Texas, that's why when people transfer there for work even with less pay, they end up making more overall.

  20. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  21. Until further notice, all comments posted to this subreddit must contain the phrase "Greg Abbott is a little piss baby" or else they will be removed.

  22. Why is no one mentioning the actual study? I'm sure you all love WFH and hate high housing prices, but that isn't an actual rebuttal. Housing in my town has exploded because we are too far from the nearest major metro for a daily commute but perfect if you only have to show up once a month. The number of techbros has exploded in the past two years and they all want an in-home office.

  23. Same with the towns 90 minutes outside of Chicago. These were once too far for the daily commute, but those sweet deals with large homes and lots of land all got sucked up in 20-21.

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