1. I'm using meditech and might be switching to epic in my next job. Do I don't need to stress and learning the new system?

  2. Easier to learn and quite intuitive but stuff takes longer on Epic if you have mastered Meditech.

  3. I think it is way more expensive to replace wheels and tire vs just a tire.

  4. I drove 275k with 2004 Scion xb, Automatic, doing nothing but routine stuff.

  5. Go apply somewhere else and tell them that I've quit my other job because I can't work due to school.

  6. If you like chaos and absolutely no structure to your day, then yeah.

  7. In Kentucky we have kma’s. cna’s that pass meds underneath a nurse. typically in LTC.

  8. Go behind every single fast food place at night and see how much they throw away.

  9. What is with them? They cannot retain staff.

  10. It only takes one or two people to create all that shit down the road.

  11. We have OB nurses and providers on my unit who wear crocs with holes AND NO SOCKS! 🤢 If you’ve ever attended a birth, you know the amount of bodily fluids we encounter…

  12. Genius, you just get to rinse them off with soap and water. Hell, just squirt some hand sani and move on.

  13. ?!? Why?? A while ago I was prescribed gabapentin for anxiety and that shit did nothing for me, it also didn’t give me a high or anything “fun”, like why would anyone abuse it? Does it get people high in higher doses or something? So many of my patients are on gaba for neuropathy and I never once thought I had to worry about it being abused

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