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  1. It sounds like you think you’re entitled to a payout because they’re wealthy.

  2. Stop sharing info with Mil. Sit your husband down and tell him everything you’ve told us then work on a plan with him to set hard boundaries.

  3. I’m surprised your wife hasn’t offered them cash for an hourly rate motel.

  4. Oh gosh. Your mother has longed for you for so long. I can’t imagine anyone stealing my baby girl. I’m so sorry you were denied a loving upbringing; your new life begins. Wishing you and your mom and your relatives so much happiness.

  5. The key to Starbucks is to resell the cups, get the stars and redeem for free drinks.

  6. We always forget to buy pie and end up grabbing it readily from loblaws

  7. Do what feels right :). If I was in the same position, I’d be going for number 3

  8. I loved my ergo embrace. Good to 25 lbs. bought used on marketplace.

  9. Formula is readily available in Canada. The only issue is usa border officials may confiscate it. I don’t know if they’re still doing that - they were doing it before the usa allowed formula from Canada and Europe into its borders - but I know a lot of Canadians are willing to help out.

  10. Have the fridge stocked with her favourite food drinks and snacks. Then buy more and keep them in the cold room.

  11. I think moving to a new area, maybe closer to your family if you’re close with them, would be a good idea. Fresh start.

  12. "Happy Birthday". We need a shorter, faster song to sing to someone, because good lord...standing there while it's being sung to you it so damn awkward partially because it takes so long, and then also because everyone singing it is very "over it" by the time it's done.

  13. Have a party at your house for your family and all friends and he can take the baby to his mom's for a second party while you celebrate birthing day and go to the spa and have a day pampering you.

  14. I would never allow my baby to be around a toxic woman like this. If mil does get a visit, it’s after a time out and in the presence of both OP and her husband in my opinion.

  15. Don’t invite her. We do this with my sil. She doesn’t know how to behave so she doesn’t get to spend time with our family.

  16. Iris is my least favourite song. They’re so much more than that.

  17. Your kids will make friends through different activities they do. Don’t base having a baby on this factor.

  18. I was given a 2014 21.5" iMac. 8GB and a 500GB hard disk. Runs, but very slow. I bought a Samsung Evo 500GB SSD for around $60. Replacement adhesive cost $10. I watched a YT video on how to cut through the iMac display adhesive and swap the hard disk. Reloaded the OS from scratch.

  19. Ouch. Highway robbery. You can cut the adhesive with a guitar pick. The residue pulls right off and new adhesive is less than $10.

  20. I know nothing about computers. I don’t even know what an ssd is 😂😂😂 or ram! So there’s no way I’d even attempt this!!

  21. Stock has been coming in. Spotted in Oakville Milton Mississauga. I had made a post asking for help and someone directed me to a place in Mississauga that had some. Other people did the same; but I went to the first place posted and found some.

  22. You need to document this with your lawyer. Have it on record the neglect.

  23. While we’re here; what’s everyone’s tub cleaning hack? We have a porcelain tub that always has a water ring from when we fill the tub to bathe the kids. Going to switch out the shower within 2-3 years but any cleaning tips would be great!

  24. If you get one of those skillet meals in a bag for $8-10 - cook it then divide it into 2-4 meals for yourself

  25. I saw some at real Canadian superstore at Argentia and Winston Churchill 2 days ago.

  26. Thank you for this tip. Was able to grab the childrens kind which is suitable as my baby is above 24 lbs. thank you 🙏🏻 I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment that was so helpful to us

  27. God. One time a fellow teacher found a notebook left behind by a student in her grade 11 class. She opened it to see who’s it was and inside saw the most depraved descriptions of sex acts that the student wished to be done to them.

  28. Ensure he says all of these things by text. Save the texts. Be done with him. And if your son ever asks, tell him the truth; he has a mother and a sperm donor. His real dad will be your future partner who steps up to the plate.

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